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Cassia Price and Yaseen Kader have written a web series inspired in equal measure by Buffy the Vampire Slayer and ITV detective shows. Cassia and Yaseen became friends through Twitter and then bumped into each other a year later at Cambridge while he was on his bike at a traffic light. Then they decided to write a show about Cambridge, a bike, and friendship. Beyond the mysterious plot, the character relationships reflect contemporary life at the university, with a frank but funny look at the challenges students face, and a more diverse cast than most depictions of Oxbridge in the media.

I met up with Cassia Price, Dolores Carbonari and Enrico Hallworth to do some “Where is Wenlock” photos in Cambridge.


We started off at the Senate House Passage, where Dolly and Enrico were on the lookout for suspicious people.


Raleigh College: small, ancient, rich, and right in the centre of Cambridge. But when the bronze statue of its beloved mascot Justinian the sheep-dog goes missing in broad daylight, it’s up to Genie Jones and Henry Wenlock to solve the case.

Who could have a vendetta against a heroic collegiate canine? Can Henry and Genie’s friendship survive an investigation? And what happened to the bike that was locked to the statue? The answers will lead our student detectives through formals, libraries, societies, and a conspiracy that could go right to the top.

Wenlock & Jones is a mystery-comedy web series written by Yaseen Kader and Cassia Price, to be filmed in Cambridge in Lent Term 2017.

(Text from Camdram)


There are many good hiding places you can use.
Some hiding spots are not so good. Enrico makes it work though, the biker suspicious suspects nothing.
Even on their break they were on the look out.
Dolly goes under cover at the Falafel place.
On the lookout at the market place. Here we shot with slightly longer shutter time (1/20s) to get the movement of the people around Dolly and Enrico.
Enrico in hiding.
Where is the bike?
Dolores Carbonari
Photographing outside the Round Church.
Enrico Hallworth


Enrico Hallworth, Cassia Price and Dolores Carbonari
There is this little nice private garage on one of the side streets in Cambridge, which gives you really great light from from one side and a dark background.
Double piggyback fail.
When you can not do piggyback you have to resort to Plan B!
Cassia Price
Enrico looking for a new place to perch.

Stay tuned for more from Cassia and her team. I will link to the web series here when it is out. In the meantime you can see more Cambridge related blogposts if you check the Cambridge category.

Update: The web series is up, you can find it on Youtube!

Genie Jones – Dolores Carbonari
Henry Wenlock – Enrico Hallworth
JJ – Patrick Sylla
Ingrid – Teuta Day
Sally – Shimali De Silva
Rita – Maya Achan
Innogen – Beth Hindhaugh
Benji – Nick Hendy
Fox-Lavender – Ania Magliano-Wright
Connie – Louise Harris
Frank – Zac Peel
Douglas – Leo Benedict
Olivia – Ananya Mishra
Jackie – Carine Valarche
Verity – Cara Fung
Grace – Fay Cartwright
Sammy – Colin Rothwell
Alistair – Orlando Gibbs
Johnny Burrow – Johnny Burrow
Rahul Dev – Rahul Dev

Production Team
Writer/Director – Cassia Price
Writer – Yaseen Kader
Director of Photography – Patrick Brooks
Producer – Elizabeth Howcroft
Assistant Director – Hannah Moss
Sound Recordist – David Erwood
Assistant Producer (locations) – Michaela Higham
Script Supervisor – Noah Geelan
Assistant Producer – Liz Campbell
Executive Producer – Millie Morgan
Production Assistant – Bella Hull, Joanna Taylor
Publicity Photographer – Johannes Hjorth

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