West Side Story

This evening Tara Thean joined me in West Cambridge for a photo shoot. I have been living out here for three and a half years, and very rarely taken photos here, so I felt it was time to change that. For those that have never gone beyond the new Sports Centre, here is the West Side Story.

I was testing the light while Tara was having a think what pose to strike on the fence. This shot is quite demanding on the camera, as there is a huge difference in brightness between the sun in the background and Tara in the foreground. I made sure the sun was not overexposed, then lifted the shadows in Photoshop.
The reason Tara was on the fence was so that I could get her silhouetted against the sky, and as here, with the sun lighting up her skirt.
I have walked and run past this derelict-looking building many times, so it was fun to finally use it as a backdrop. I like how Tara’s pose incorporates the two on the wooden door in the background.
The bridge shot from a central perspective gives lines leading towards the centre. I picked a slightly lower angle to give Tara more space against the sky.
This is another spot that I have run past many times and wanted to photograph. I like how the road leads away in the background. Tara fits nicely into the scene.
This is perhaps my favourite photo from the evening’s photo shoot. I like the pose, and the depth that all the trees provide.
Just a quick portrait. Originally we had planned on having Tara jump, but the bridge was not wide enough for me to be able to frame her with a 50 mm lens.
Playing around with a longer exposure to get the truck in the background blurry. This photo was shot with 1/10 second handheld, which is too long to get it tack sharp, but it was fun to play with it. The rule of thumb on a full frame sensor is 1/50 seconds for a 50 mm lens.
The sun had set, and we decided to do a few shots using the street lights on our way back. There is a lot of construction work going on here, but the place is quite empty after sunset.
Here I am moving in closer to better capture the pose.
One last shot for the evening while waiting for Tara’s taxi.

West Cambridge is not all empty, there are things to photograph out here also. I only have a few more days left in this apartment, so I am happy I had a chance to capture the location while I still live here. Many thanks to Tara Thean!

– Johannes

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