Ever Arching

Today Daisy Russel and Steve Bywater joined me for a photo shoot at Segenhoe Church. The church is located east of Eversholt Road, in Ridgmont. We ended up spending some four hours out there in the church. It was quite windy, especially if you were standing in the big arching windows. Luckily Daisy had brought cookies and a thermos of hot tea, otherwise I am not sure we would have lasted four hours.

The skies were really cloudy, I would have wished for a bit more variation in the sky, but it gave us very even lighting. Almost too even, when editing the photos I found that increasing the contrast and clarity made them appear quite flat, while I wanted to get a sense of depth in the photos.

Segenhoe church, a short drive away from Cambridge.
Daisy in one of the archways. Here I am trying to use the entrance doors as a frame to get that sense of depth.
After a bit of scouting Steve and Daisy changed into their outfits and we were good to go. The photos in the blog are not in chronological order this time.
One of the windows still had the wooden frame, which we had a lot of fun playing around with.
Again, including the front arch to get more depth.
Behind the old altar was a big window, which made for a great backdrop.


The latest boxing stance, not sure if it is called the velociraptor or the kangaroo. Some purists might say it resembles the crane.
Steve taking a beating, everything in the name of art.
Note the blue socks. Sorry Steve, I forgot to photoshop them black.
The end. This shot was inspired by an earlier photo with Hao and Alys.

There seem to be quite a few derelict buildings around Cambridge, so I am hoping to do more photo shoots with similar settings. Many thanks to Daisy and Steve for a fun photo shoot!

– Johannes

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