Wings of an Angel

Lucinda Rosell joined me for a dance photoshoot in Näsbypark. We had a window of sunlight before the weather forecast said the sun would disappear, so we started at Kråkudden among the reeds and then headed indoors to the green room.

Lucinda Rosell walking on water (almost).
Lucinda Rosell. We did a few portraits with the reeds and water in the background.
Lucinda Rosell
Lucinda Rosel is a creative dancer, and it is fun to experiment and try new shapes. Here I removed the floor and added a texture to create a cleaner image.
Lucinda Rosell. The sun started to come around the corner of the house and through the west facing window. Rather than fight it with a diffuser we instead incorporated it into the composition.
Lucinda Rosell
Lucinda Rosell. “Änglavingar” (English: “Angel wings”). A fun story, as a little kid I used to be quite conscious about my shoulder blades, and my grandmother told me that a good way to get rid of them was to lie flat on the floor for an hour or so. Which I did… In retrospect I wonder if she did not tell me to do that to get some quiet time.
Lucinda Rosell. Using the light to frame Lucinda.
Lucinda Rosell
Lucinda Rosell
Lucinda Rosell
Lucinda Rosell. Introducing a cloth adds an unpredictable element which can spice up your photos.
Lucinda Rosell

Many thanks to Lucinda for another fun photoshoot!

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— Johannes

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