50 Shades of Eve

Today I met up with Eve Waller for a Nikita themed photo shoot. We had been chatting about a few ideas, and I had asked if she had any props that could be used to portray strength. Perhaps a gun or similar, instead we ended up using a riding crop, a pair of furry handcuffs and some BDSM tape. Turns out there is a special black tape that will stick to itself, but not to anything else. Technology has come a long way from when I had to rip off a hairy bandage from my forehead as a kid. Anyway, I digress. Here are the photos from our photo shoot.

One of Eve’s dresses had a veil that we used here to shoot through to create the patterns. In post processing I added a bit of split toning, making the highlights slightly yellow, and giving the shadows a blueish tint.
I asked Eve to bring out one of her favourite books and read it by the window. Prostitution and the Victorians (Amazon link).
Eve used to play the fiddle.
One of the dresses had a bit of lacing that we used for this photo.
A full body shot, together with the dead plant.
Another photo by the window, this one is cropped in to put more focus on her face. I really liked the expression.
Playing violin with a crop.
We had not used any BDSM tape, so this photo was invented to make use of it.
Then we started experimenting with it. Here the blind justice.
Finally we did a few portraits by the window, before I had to head back to prepare for another photo shoot.

This was a fun and a bit different photo shoot. Many thanks to Eve!

– Johannes

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