The Comedy of Errors photoshoot

Bea Svistunenko, Rosanna Suppa, Atri Banerjee, Emily Larcombe and I spent Saturday afternoon and evening doing a photo shoot for the Comedy of Errors poster. The idea was simple, Atri wanted the two twins played by Bea and Rosanna eating pomegranate, with the twist that one of them would be upside down, drooling pomegranate juice on her sister below. The Larkum studio was not available until nine in the evening, so we started with some photos in Trinity College.

Bea and Rosanna fondling Atri’s pomegranates.
We did a few different potential poster photos with Bea and Rosanna in the alcoves.
The skin did not taste very good.
When the porters were not looking…
Trying a different setup, with more depth.
The idea for the poster was to use photoshop to get Rosanna to be upside down. Another way to do it would be to be lying down.
This is one of my favourite photos from the photo shoot. Rosanna’s gesture makes the photo.
Like cats.
Atri and Emily joins Rosanna and Bea on the ground.
Tickle fight. Atri is really ticklish as the girls quickly found out.

After a break we reconvened in the Larkum studio. Rosanna was running a bit late, so we did some lighting tests with Bea while we waited.

We had a shoot through umbrella to the right with a speedlight, and a constant light softbox that Atri had brought on the left.
Agent 006, Bea Bond.
Finally the girls get to eat their pomegranates.
Things get a little messy.
Rosanna needs some help cleaning up…
It tastes sooo good!
For the composite photo we also need a picture with droplets. Emily is our master dripper.
Where is this heading…
Too bad we did not have a video camera. This was messy, but perhaps one of the more tasty photo shoots.

Here is the final poster, designed by Atri Banerjee:

Many thanks to Bea, Rosanna, Emily and Atri for a fun photo shoot! It never gets boring when you are involved in an ADC Theatre production.

– Johannes


Antipholus of Syracuse – Gabriel Cagan
Antipholus of Ephesus – Ed Limb
Dromio of Syracuse – Bea Svistunenko
Dromio of Ephesus – Rosanna Suppa
Adriana – Laura Waldren
Luciana – Rose Reade
Duke/Luce/Dr Pinch – Zak Ghazi-Torbati
Angelo/Courtesan – Kaiti Soultana
Egeon/Balthazar – Chris Born
Emilia/Merchant – Lili Thomas

Production Team
Tour Manager – Emily Larcombe
Tour Advisor – Rima Dodd
(Japan) Tour Coordinator – James Sharp
Director – Atri Banerjee
Fight Director – Robbie Taylor Hunt
Technical Director – Mark Danciger
Composer – Henry Jenkinson
Publicity Photographer – Johannes Hjorth

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