A glimpse from Stockholm

My youngest niece is turning two today, so I thought I would share a few of my photos of her. She is absolutely adorable. These photos were taken in the past week and I feel they capture a bit of her personality. I wonder if she will find this post many years from now and smile at the photos.

Grandpa Göran showing how an egg timer works. I had to step back a little to get both of them in the frame since I only had a 50 mm lens with me. I wanted to capture it from her eye level, so kneeled down.
Daddy Josef is getting some moral support and assistance with his exercises. I asked Josef to look up for the photo. The background is a bit noisy, so a larger aperture helps by creating a shallower depth of field.
We were at Täby Centrum to do some shopping and bumped into a few friends. My niece was playing with the Christmas tree in the storefront just before this happened. There are other photos which are framed wider, but this one was the best as their hands touched through the window.
Lunch at Vapiano in Täby Centrum. We came back twice for Scampi, it was just that good.
Yepp, that is me. Photo by Sophie. This is taken by the water in Näsbypark where I grew up.
I like the framing and expression on her face. Her hands were cold.
Joyride with dad. Their expressions make this photo. I also like the road curving off in the distance. Perhaps I did the vignetting a bit too strong, but it helps focus on them.
Playing with aunt Therese.

A few photos from the past week in Stockholm. Sitting in Cambridge writing this in the evening I cannot help but feel it is awfully quiet. A stark contrast to the past three weeks which have been intense and a lot of fun.

Let me end by wishing my niece a happy birthday! Grattis på tvåårsdagen! Hoppas du får tillfälle att baka något ur Bamsekokboken snart!

– Johannes

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