A Life of Galileo

“Unhappy the land that has need of heroes.”

Planet: Earth. Time and Place: Italy, 1609.

Galileo looks up at the night sky, using the newly invented telescope. He observes the sun and the planets. He sees with a searingly brilliant eye, his genius and his methods have never been seen before.
But he is in danger; his enemies are everywhere, convincing the Pope that Galileo’s new ideas pose a threat to all that the World stands upon.
Soon he will be forced to defend himself and his theories against all of civilisation: in his battle for truth, Galileo has to choose between his life and his soul.

Brecht’s greatest play is a shattering and beautiful delving into the cosmos, beauty, science and truth, religion and morality, and the responsibility of Genius. Mark Ravenhill’s 2013 translation for the RSC national tour is a hugely intelligent and vibrantly theatrical venture.

(Text from Camdram)

The cast was in the middle of a rehearsal when I arrived, so the first few photos are from that scene.

Adam Butler-Rushton and Isobel Laidler
Isobel Laidler
Joe Shalom and Elinor Lipman
Gus Mitchel, Joe Shalom and Benedict Flett
Isobel Laidler, Clemens Ollinger-Guptara and Elinor Lipman

When Zoé arrived with the costumes it was time to get the cast into their new outfits so we could take some proper promotion photos.

Zoé Barnes and Clemens Ollinger-Guptara

The scenes depicted below may, or may not be part of the play. Most likely they are very-very-very loosely based on the plot and characters. Regardless, it was a lot of fun!

Isobel Laidler and Adam Butler-Rushton
Adam Butler-Rushton, Isobel Laidler and Clemens Ollinger-Guptara
Isobel Laidler and Clemens Ollinger-Guptara
Isobel Laidler
Adam Butler-Rushton and Elinor Lipman
Nathaniel Hess, Xelia Mendes-Jones and Clemens Ollinger-Guptara
Clemens Ollinger-Guptara, Joe Shalom and Nathaniel Hess
Joe Shalom and Nathaniel Hess
Isobel Laidler and Joe Shalom
Elinor Lipman and Xelia Mendes-Jones
Xelia Mendes-Jones and Isobel Laidler
Isobel Laidler, Joe Shalom and Xelia Mendes-Jones

Unfortunately Galileo himself could not attend the morning session. So we met up in the evening for a few more photos.

Adam Mirsky aka Galileo

While I was photographing Adam, this was happening in the background…

Joe Shalom, Adam Butler-Rushton and Elinor Lipman
Adam Mirsky and Benedict Flett
Adam Mirsky and Isobel Laidler
Elinor Lipman, Isobel Laidler, Adam Butler-Rushton, Xelia Mendes-Jones, Adam Mirsky and Benedict Flett
Joe Shalom and Elinor Lipman

Reviews: Varsity (3.5/5), The Tab (3/5)

Galileo Galilei – Adam Mirsky
Virginia – Isobel Laidler
Andrea – Xelia Mendes-Jones
Mrs Sarti, Cosimo De Medici, Girl – Elinor Lipman
Ludovico – Adam Butler-Rushton
Federonzi, Bursar, Inquisitor – Joe Shalom
Mathematician, Sagredo – Benedict Flett
Little Monk – Inge-Vera Lipsius
Cardinal Barberini/Pope Urban VIII/Philosopher – Nathaniel Hess
Cardinal Bellarmin/Gaffone/Monk – Clemens Ollinger-Guptara

Production Team
Director – Gus Mitchell
Producer – Zephyr Brüggen
Sound Designer – Francesco Anselmetti
Technical Director – Andrew Tan
Costume Designer – Zoe Barnes
Publicity Designer – Alo Roosing
Photographer – Johannes Hjorth
Video Designer – Radu Thomas
Assistant Video Designer – Marina Scott
Set Design – Alo Roosing

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