Spring Awakening

“Thought is suspect, and money is their idol, and nothing is okay unless, it’s scripted in their Bible. But I know there’s so much more to find just in lookin’ through myself, and not at them”.

Wendla longs to be a grown up, to be taken seriously. Moritz is terrified- of dropping out of school, of his erotic dreams, of disappointing his parents. Melchior, headstrong and cocky, wants to change the status quo.

In this groundbreaking musical, 19th century Germany envelops these young characters in an oppressive, inherently conservative society, in which adults hold all the cards and make all the rules. There is no room for change, and no courage to change it- until Melchior steps forth, whipping them all into a youth revolution and the chaos of sexual awakening. But even in these bold steps, his ideals shatter against the concrete norms and constraints of the regime of the adults.

(Text from Camdram)

I had a chance to visit one of Spring Awakening’s rehearsals on the ADC stage. Wish I could have seen the final show! Here is a glimpse from the day.

James Bartlett
Chase Caldwell Smith, Ben Cisneros and James Daly
Joe Beighton with Benedict Welch in the background.
Chase Caldwell Smith, Ben Cisneros, James Daly, Joe Beighton and Benedict Welch
Ben Cisneros, James Daly, Joe Beighton and Benedict Welch
Clara van Wel
Chase Caldwell Smith, Ben Cisneros, Joe Beighton, James Daly, Benedict Welch and Robin Franklin
James Wright and Megan Thorpe
Megan Gilbert and Joanna Clark
Amy Carmicheal, Joanna Clark, Megan Gilbert, Meg Thorpe and a tiny bit of Julia Kass
Joanna Clark and Clara van Wel
Amy Carmichael, James Daly, Chase Caldwell Smith, Olivia Gaunt, Megan Gilbert, Ben Cisneros and Robin Franklin
Julia Kass, Chase Caldwell Smith, Megan Gilbert, Ben Cisneros, Robin Franklin, Olivia Gaunt, Joanna Clark and Clara van Wel
Julia Kass, Chase Caldwell Smith, Megan Gilbert, Ben Cisneros, Robin Franklin, Joanna Clark, Olivia Gaunt and Benedict Welch

Reviews: Varsity (3/5), TCS (6/10), The Tab (3.5/5)

Melchior – Ben Cisneros
Wendla – Joanna Clarke
Moritz – Joe Beighton
Ilse – Julia Kass
Martha – Amy Carmichael
Hanschen – James Daly
Ernst – Benedict Welch
Georg – Chase Caldwell Smith
Otto – Harry Castle
Thea – Olivia Gaunt
Anna – Clara van Wel
The Adult Women – Megan Gilbert
The Adult Men – Robin Franklin
Keys – James Bartlett, Stephen Gage
Violin – Chris Wan, Joanna Cheng
Viola – Isabel Cocker
Cello – Orla Papadakis
Guitar – Jegug Ih
Bass – Ryden Stackhouse
Drums – Elspeth Collard

Production Team
Director – Rebecca Vaa
Producer – Oscar Yang
Musical Director – James Bartlett
Asst. Musical Director – Stephen Gage
Asst. Director – Gareth Mattey
Stage Manager – James Wright
Choreographer – Megan Thorpe
Set Designer – Jack Parham
Sound Designer – Charlie Jonas
Technical Director – Toby Molyneux
Deputy Stage Manager – Alex Barnett
Lighting Designer – Bethany Craik
Chief Electrician – David Turner
Costume Designer – Anna Russell,Emily Dan
Photographer – Daniel Karaj
Publicity Designer – Hannah Taylor
Programme Designer – Amy Grounsell
Assistant Stage Manager – Joyce Lee
Associate Director – Robbie Taylor Hunt, Nicholas Ashurst
Trailer Cinematographer – Oscar Yang
Photographer – Johannes Hjorth

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