A Little Night Music

On Monday evening A Little Night Music had a rehearsal at St John’s College, and I joined them with my camera to take a few photos. The first act started out quite seriously, with everyone being focused, but as the night grew late, lots of funny little moments happened.

From Camdram:

“Isn’t it rich? Are we a pair? Me here at last on the ground, you in mid-air. Send in the clowns”

Desiree Armfeldt, the renowned actress, finds herself caught once more in a tangled set of affairs – sleeping with the Count Carl-Magnus (in full knowledge of his wife) while falling in love once more with her old flame, Fredrik Egerman (despite the fact that he is also newly married). How better to solve this problem than a weekend in the country together?

Sondheim’s classic musical, adapting an Ingmar Bergman film, brings together love in all its tragicomic forms in this nostalgic and farcical story. Reset in contemporary times, with the ghosts of the past watching on, this production of ‘A Little Night Music’ will demonstrate just why Sondheim is one of the revered greats of musical theatre.

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Reviews: The Tab (5/5), TCS (6/10), Varsity (3/5)

Interview: Varsity

Fredrik Egerman – Tom Taplin
Desiree Armfeldt – Ashleigh Weir
Anne Egerman – Heather Conder
Henrik Egerman – Hugh Cutting
Madame Armfeldt – Amber Reeves Pigott
Count Carl-Magnus Malcolm -Calum Maney
Countess Charlotte Malcolm – Holly Musgrave
Petra – Lucia Azzi
Fredrika Armfeldt – Tabitha Bardsley
Frida – Becky Daltry
The Quintet – Ed Roberts, Robin Franklin, Catalina Garcia, Dara Solina Homer, Sophia Crüwell

Flute/Piccolo – Martin Walker
Flute/Clarinet – Sarah Driver
Oboe/Cor Anglais – Ella Rechter
Bassoon – Zac Moxon
Horn – Rachel Wong
Trumpet – Octavia Henderson-Cleland
Trombone – Ewan Day-Collins
Percussion – Lucy Mackintosh
Violin – Joanna Cheng, Harry Castle,Peter Grishin, Marcus Fantham
Viola – Isabel Cocker
Viola Dep – Robert Pearce-Higgins
Cello – Alex Maynard
Piano/Conductor – Stephen Gage

Production Team
Director – Gareth Mattey
Producer – Emily Baycroft
Musical Director – Stephen Gage
Associate Producer – Oscar Yang
Assistant Producer – Joyce Lee
Assistant Director – Charlotte Cromie
Stage Manager – Rose Payne
Deputy Stage Manager – Alex Barnett
Assistant Musical Director – Harry Castle, Joanna Cheng
Waltz Choreographer – Quintin Langley-Coleman
Technical Director – Leah Ward
Sound Designer – Sushant Achawal
Set Designer – Jack Parham
Associate Director – Rebecca Vaa
Publicity Designer – Natalie Price
Rehearsal Photographer – Johannes Hjorth

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