A Summer’s Fairy Tale

This past Sunday I met up with Anastasia, Ida, Filippa and Felicia for an afternoon dance photoshoot at Ulriksdal’s Palace. I decided to bring the big 200 mm lens again, since I like the beautiful bokeh it produces. Ulriksdal’s Palace has a beautiful garden, and we started by doing some photos in one of the tree alleys.

Ida leaping high into the air. I am still not really used to how far back you have to stand when shooting with this lens. Luckily it was quite quiet so it was possible to hear each other at the distance. “1, 2, 3, jump!”
Anastasia making a great jump.
Felicia. We framed the shot to make use of the tree line in the middle, and had Felicia make a pose upwards towards the light.
Anastasia doing an elegant arabesque.
Ida. This skirt that Felicia had brought got featured in a lot of photos.
Filippa with the palace in the background.
Ida next to the fountain, playing with reflections.

Next we moved to another photo spot in the shade to mix things up a bit. We took a short break, and did some portraits. Anastasia’s mother Irina is a hair dresser, and she helped us create some great hair styles, even incorporating some flowers.

Ida and Filippa
Filippa and Anastasia
Ida and Anastasia
Family portrait with Nils, Ida, Sofia and Tage.
Ida, Filippa and Anastasia right next to the pavilion that we had originally planned on using.
Felicia. Turning the camera around, and we had a great background with the palace in the distance.
Felicia. This spot had fairy-tale-like light so we just had to take a few photos there.
Filippa, Ida and Anastasia. “Story telling.” We had brought a book as a prop with us, which came in handy.
Ida doing a beautiful needle.
Filippa doing a beautiful turn, with the skirt flowing around.
Filippa, Ida and Anastasia
Anastasia, Filippa and Ida. Last photo of the day, before it was time to pack up and head back.

Many thanks to Anastasia, Ida, Filippa, Felicia, Irina and Sofia for a fun photoshoot!

— Johannes

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