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Next week Selma Strandberg and Christina Gaharia move to Tallin to study ballet. Living abroad is such a growing experience, and I am sure they will have a great time. Before they left we decided to meet up for an evening dance photoshoot outside the Bergianska Botanic Garden. The clouds started heavy, but the sky slowly opened up, and for a little while we had wonderful golden light. We found a patch of beautiful purple flowers, that made for some wonderful photos. If anyone knows what type of flowers they are, please let me know,

Christina Gaharia flying over the purple field in her beautiful skirt from Dance by Lina.
Selma Strandberg. Moving in closer with the camera the shallow depth of field creates a really beautiful portrait.
Christina Gaharia. The sun broke through the cloud cover and we got this beautiful golden glow.
Selma Strandberg doing an elegant pose. I keep being surprised at how far back you need to stand with a 200 mm lens. My mind is tuned to the 50 mm focal length, and I struggled a bit to find a good framing among the trees.
Selma Strandberg sitting on the bench.
Selma Strandberg. There was a nearby jetty where the water behind it provided a clean background.
Christina Gaharia making use of the last rays of sunlight.
Christina Gaharia and Selma Strandberg. For the last few photos we brought out the flash, here hid under the skirt to create a soft light.

A big thank you to Selma and Christina, and best of luck on your adventures in Tallinn!

— Johannes

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Skirt from Dance by Lina

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