Acts of Contortion

This past Saturday I met up with Clara Jönsson for a photoshoot. With us was also Kajsa Forsberg and David Jansson Hultgren who helped us and also ended up in front of the camera for a few photos. It was a bit chilly and the skies were covered in clouds, but luckily for us there was no rain this afternoon. Clara is insanely flexible and had started warming up an hour before the shoot.

Clara Jönsson. With all the lines in the background I resorted to shooting with f/1.4 to get the shallowest depth of field possible.
Clara Jönsson. The same spot as the photo above, but photographing in the opposite direction.
Clara Jönsson. We searched for a spot where we could photograph with the sky as a background. Eventually we found this spot.
Clara Jönsson
Clara Jönsson. The cloudy sky gave a very soft light. To add a bit of punch to the photo we brought out the flash, which also helped separate Clara from the background.
Clara Jönsson. Here I used some photoshopping to clean up the background and create a studio feel to the photo.
Kajsa Forsberg and David Jansson Hultgren
Clara Jönsson
Clara Jönsson. You are always on the search for new creative angles. Here I managed to find a spot where we could photograph from below.
Clara Jönsson and Kajsa Forsberg
Clara Jönsson
Clara Jönsson and David Jansson Hultgren. The last photo of the day.

A big thank you to Clara, Kajsa and David for a fun photoshoot!

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— Johannes

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