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Yesterday I met up with Tilda Kristiansson and her sister Ebba Kristiansson for a morning photoshoot. We started outside, since the weather was really good with blue skies and sun, and then the plan was to go inside and experiment a bit with the smoke machine. Tilda had bought a set of jewels that she and Ebba had spent the early morning decorating her face with.

Our first location was a tunnel under the train tracks not far from Täby Centrum. This gave us a soft light, and an urban concrete background.
The tunnel is split into multiple sections which created a small shaft of light between them that we used to create this shot of Tilda. I enjoy playing with dramatic shadows. Normally I work with the lines of shadows cast from a person, but you can also get beautiful silhouettes. Here I like how the jewels show up on the shadow side of Tilda’s neck.
Ebba Kristiansson’s hair worked really well with this concrete look and sharp sunlight.
A moodier photo of Ebba.
Behind the scenes. The reflector really makes a great difference when you work with harsh sunlight, it allows you to lift the shadows on the unlit side of the face.
Tilda Kristiansson
We also did a couple of dance photos. Here working with the lines of shadows cast on the concrete.
One more of Tilda from further back in the tunnel.

For the second half of the photoshoot we headed inside. We wanted to have a pretty blank background, so it meant taking down some photos from the walls, and moving furniture around to create the space necessary. Just to be on the safe side I also took out the battery from my smoke alarm before we started using the smoke machine.

Tilda Kristiansson. Here Tilda turned away from the window, to get this dramatic shadow over her face. I then superimposed a photo of the clouds I had taken from my last flight to England.
Tilda Kristiansson. I decided to edit this photo a bit more high-key.
Time for the smoke machine. Here Ebba was our smoke operator, puffing smoke in front of Tilda. You only had a short window of time while the smoke looked like this, then it shifted into a more even haze.
Playing with the reflection in the window. When the sun went into the clouds the clear lines from the Venetian blinds turned into softer lines due to the light from the above clouds being more diffuse.
Ebba and Tilda Kristiansson

A big thank you to Tilda and Ebba for a fun photoshoot. If you want to see more photos with Tilda, click on her name.

— Johannes


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