ADC Evolution rehearsal #2

Yesterday Evolution had another rehearsal, this time at the ADC Theatre. The tech rehearsal is not until tomorrow, so the stage and lighting were not set up yet, but you could still get good shots if you stood at either side of the stage and aimed so that the black side protectors were behind the dancers. I also experimented with shooting from behind the scene, and from above.

The most fun though was when I asked Hao Feng and Alys Williams if they wanted to do some photos while they were waiting for their turn. We did a few shots in the corridor outside the stage, and then in the elevator, before our time was up.

Alys Williams and Hao Feng. This was shot in the corridor outside the ADC main stage. I liked the pose, but the corridor behind them was too distracting. I am not sure how the mental image formed itself, but suddenly I had the idea to put them on top of the earth. A couple of hours later it looked like this. The trickiest bit was getting the shadows to look ok. The images of the earth and the sky are from NASA.
The ADC elevator does not see enough use. Here I was trying to hold the camera still while shooting several frames that were then combined into one photo.
Tania Clarke, the producer of Evolution telling each group where they will enter from for the finale.
Here I was experimenting with shooting from the top. Most of the dance must have looked better from the front, but for the “oooh – yeaaah” part the high angle was perfect capturing their expressions.

Today is just a short blog post. If you want to see the photos from the previous rehearsal, you can find them in this blog post.

To be continued…

Update: You can find all blog posts on this page.


– Johannes


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