Alice and Paul’s Wedding

Last Thursday my friends Alice and Paul finally tied the knot in Cambridge. What a wonderful day! They are both very generous and fun. They make a very cute, and now married, couple. It was really fun to be part of their wedding, and meet their friends and family. Here is a selection of photos from their wedding, and I have added a few early PdOC photos with them at the end also.

I just thought I thought I should end the blog post with three photos from the archive. The first picture is from a visit to the Astronomy Institution back in 2014, before they were an official couple. They are not holding hands, I just happened to time the picture with their gait.

The second photo is from the PdOC Peterhouse dinner.

The third photo is from Lockhamton, another PdOC dinner.

Congratulations to Alice and Paul, and thank you for letting me take part in your wedding celebrations!

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  1. Alice
    June 5, 2018

    Thank you Johannes, as always you have captured the moment perfectly! It was awesome having you here. See you again soon! 🙂

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