Rose from Ruin

The Old Segenhoe Church is about an hours drive away from Cambridge. On Friday Morning I headed out there together with Maria and Sam for a photoshoot. It was an overcast day, but occasionally the sun would peek out throughout the day. If you want to visit it yourselves then check the Ever Arching blog post, which has a description of how to get there.

Maria and Sam perched in one of the windows at the church.
Maria and Sam
Segenhoe Church exterior.
One fun thing about working with two people in front of the camera is that you get a much larger variation in the poses that you can do.
Sam and Maria, we are working on making the poses a bit dynamic.
Pointed toes are surprisingly taxing on the legs. I tried a few poses also during the day, and it was not easy. Afterwards I was a lot more impressed by Sam and Maria standing on their toes throughout the shoot.
Sam and Maria
There were some spare confetti from the day before, a fist full was enough for this photo.
Segenhoe Church interior.

One thing I found when editing these photos was that adding a bit of blur on the sides helped focus the attention on Maria and Sam. In several photos there was so much detail in the background, that it took away from the exerience. You can see it for example in the photo below.

The final photo.

Many thanks to Maria and Sam for a fun photoshoot!

— Johannes

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