Alicia and a chain

Today I did a photo shoot with Alicia Krozer. We met up after her morning run at her house. Our original plan was to play around with water and water droplets, but it was too bright for that, so instead we went on a treasure hunt for random items and ideas. At one point Alicia was hammering on a rusty chain to make it come loose so we could use it. Good times!


Alicia and her chain. After much blunt persuasion with a hammer the rusty chain finally came free.
Double exposure in camera. First a shot of Alicia against the bright sky, then pointing the camera on a nearby tree to get the branches.
There was a glass table in the garden, so we placed Alicia and her chain on top of it.



My friend Nina Klose sent me a set of lenses to hold in front of the camera a while back and I have been carrying them with me in my camera bag for quite some time. Once in a while I bring them out. Here is a photo taken using one of them. I am focusing through the lens, making everything outside of it blurry.
“Four eyes”. More lens fun.
We also did a few portraits. Here using the window light to create interesting shadows.
A black and white more serious portrait in a jacket.
I had a haircut a couple of weeks ago, otherwise this is what I would have looked like. Using live view to angle the camera right.

Many thanks to Alicia for a fun morning. We have plans for another photo shoot, hopefully in a few weeks’ time.

– Johannes

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