The Turn of the Screw photoshoot

Yesterday I met up with Jocelyn Major, Greg Forrest, Freya Sanders, Helena Blair, Rose Reade and Isobel Leidler to do a photo shoot for The Turn of the Screw which plays at the ADC Theatre 13-16 May. Our plan was to go to the cemetery on Histon Road around sunset, to take some eery photos there, then to quickly edit those and then go to the ADC Theatre to project them onto the cast.

Our first cemetery photo, with Helena walking away.
We had the idea to make the children in the play (Rose and Isobel) ghostlike for this photo, and of course ghosts do not cast a shadow. This is a composite photo where for the second photo Rose and Isobel ran out of the picture so that we could photograph Helena’s shadow.
Playing hide and seek in the cemetery.
Helena looking through the tombstone.
Playing around with different ideas for the poster. Here Rose and the Teddy bear are locked in a staring contest. The teddybear won.


Two dolls against tombstones. Should have removed the grass in the foreground, but did not see that until we got back.
Isobel Leidler as Miles
Helena Blair as the Governess
Rose Reade as Flora
Goofing off in front of the camera.

After the cemetery I “quickly” edited the photos, before heading back to the ADC for the second part of the photo shoot.

hjorthmed-the-turn-of-the-screw-cemetery-isobel-projection-1 hjorthmed-the-turn-of-the-screw-cemetery-isobel-projection-2

I could not resist a ballet photo.
… or a jump photo.
Helena on Helena.
With long hair like this it would be a crime not to take a photo when it is flying freely.
Jocelyn helping with the flash umbrella walked into the path of the projector, and we ended up making it a photo.

It was a fun photo shoot. For several of the later projection photos we had placed a snooted flash behind Helena, which backlit her hair, making the silhouette stand out more. I am really happy with how the photos turned out. Many thanks to the cast and crew!

The final poster designed by Hannah Taylor:


More projection photos can be found here. Tickets to the play are available from the ADC webpage. There is also an interview with Greg and Jocelyn in The Cambridge Student.

– Johannes

Governess – Helena Blair
Miles – Isobel Laidler
Flora – Rose Reade
Mrs Grose – Natalie Reeve
Uncle – Seth

Production Team
Writer/Director – Jocelyn Major, Greg Forrest
Producer – Freya Sanders, Adam Rushton
Deputy Stage Manager – Jennifer Green
Costume Designer – Christina Maurice
Production Photographer – Johannes Hjorth

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