This past Sunday I met up with Andrea Westman and Valentin Zhybchyn after lunch and headed out to Mörby Slottsruin in Rånäs. Upon arriving we learned that the ruin itself is closed, but we could use it as a backdrop for our photos. We were also not allowed to park right next to the ruin, but had to circle around and park at a nearby church and carry the X-pole from there. Andrea had hatched the idea to imitate old statues and paintings on the pole, and some of the poses in the photos were inspired by old works of art, and others are new.

Andrea Westman. This pose was inspired bye “The Angel” by Benjamin Victor.
Andrea Westman doing a cupid.
The sky was partly cloudy, but during a bit of harsh sunlight we managed to capture the shadows from the embroidery on Andrea’s skin.
Andrea Westman. Here we used the cloth to try and create a set of wings. It took a few trials to get it right. Wings operated by wing master Valentin Zhybchyn.
Fasterna kyrka
After gathering some more energy we carried the pole across the rest of the field, to just by the ruin. The sun was getting lower and the light was turning orange.
Andrea Westman doing an Anastasia with Rånäs slottsruin in the background.
Andrea Westman.
Andrea Westman. For the last part of the photoshoot we wandered around a bit.
Andrea Westman. Finding a last patch of sunlight on the ruin wall.
Andrea Westman and Valentin Zhybchyn

Many thanks to Andrea and Valentin for a fun photoshoot!

— Johannes

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