Archipelago of Ice

This past Saturday Annie Glaudane came out to Näsbypark for a dance photoshoot. I met her by the train station and we headed down to Kråkudden, where the ice had formed during the past week when the temperature had been down to -16C. This day we had just above zero, and it felt much warmer in comparison. The air did not bite the skin like it had done mere days before, however the water was cold and you could see the mist forming over the water in the background.

Annie Glaudane. When shooting in the water, we only had around a minute or so to work with.
Annie Glaudane

I am Annie. I was born in Latvia, but grew up mostly in Ireland. I started off in rhythmic gymnastics when I was a kid. Then later in Ireland I discovered freestyle disco-jazz world, which was my introduction to the dance world. There I managed to reach the top and when I retired I went to dance college in Dublin, where I first met with the ballet world. Now I have graduated Riga Choreography School and have since moved on to work as a dancer and actress in various entertainment fields. I continuously look for growth in my art form as it gives me a way to express myself, since I sometimes may be difficult with words. I have always found that people tend to misunderstand words, but they can’t misunderstand feeling emotions, so that is my preferred way of communication.


Annie Glaudane
Annie Glaudane
Annie Glaudane
Annie Glaudane
Annie Glaudane

A little behind the scenes video:

Many thanks to Annie for a cold but fun photoshoot!

Instagram: Annie, Johannes

— Johannes

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