Unified / Collision

Today the two shows Unified and Collision premiered at Balettakademien. I was there photographing their dress rehearsal in Studio 4. Here is a glimpse at the two shows. To book tickets to see the show this week, please see the Balettakademien webpage for more information.


Karolin Holmqvist
Smilla Larsson, Alfred Molander and Lidia Leiva
Smilla Larsson, Saga Jansson
Saga Jansson
Isa Wig, Smilla Larsson, Johanne Lyshagen, Josefin Westerberg, Alice Öhman, Susann Berthelsen
Link to Balettakademien’s recording from Unified.


Julia Kristoffersson, Paula Garcia, Sigrid Welde, Johanna Ekstrom
Julia Kristoffersson, My Sunden, Sigrid Welde, Sara Liderfors
Paula Garcia, Sigrid Welde, Sara Cordes, Paula Garcia, Ólöf Ósk Þorgeirsdóttir
Julia Kristoffersson, Sara Cordes, Ólöf Ósk Þorgeirsdóttir
Matilda Caspersson

“New Rules” by Fanny Svensson

“New Rules” by Fanny Svensson
Sara Stojanovic

“New Rules” choreographed by Fanny Svensson. The dancers in the part were Nelly Andersson Björling, Hedda Bergman, Alice Burefjord, Lisa Dougly, Alva Hillilä, Elin Huusmann, Johanna Järlestrand, Lovisa Karnell, Isabell Kjellberg, Wilma Norberg, Alma Norén, Emmy Norman, Sanna Oksanen, Cajsa Olsson, Adrian Omberg, Emily Sand Wegeberg, Sandra Simon, Sara Stojanovic and Hilma Sundberg Olofsson

Ólöf Ósk Þorgeirsdóttir och Annie Dahlin
Matilda Caspersson
Julia Kristiansen, Sylvia Shafiq Ahlgren, Sigrid Welde, Paula Garcia, Sara Liderfors, Julia Kristoffersson, Matilda Caspersson
Link to Balettakademien’s recording from Collision.

More information about the shows at Balettakademien on their webpage, including information about how to buy tickets.

To see more photos with Balettakademien´s dancers, check the Balettakademien tag on the blog.

Facebook album with more photos (please help tagging them).

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