Arden Creatures

Arden Creatures have been playing at the Cockpit Theatre as part of the Camdem festival. Yesterday I met up with the cast and crew before their last performance to do a photoshoot with them. You can read more about the play and their theatre company Footfall Theatre on their webpage.

Blond woman in a wooden ornate birdcage
Charlotte Quinney in one of the elaborate bird cages on stage.
Woman in red in a wooden birdcage.
Olivia Emden
Woman in red, arms shaped like wings.
Olivia Emden. Here the spotlights behind her cast a strong shadow, so I took a few steps back to include them.
Two women arriving at the hotel carrying suitcases.
Olivia Emden and Charlotte Quinney
Woman in corset straddling a man on the floor.
Charlotte Quinney and Hugh Stubbins.
Sexy time on the floor.
More sexy time on the floor.
The focused spotlight created great dramatic light, with a touch of pink wash over it. The lights were designed by Jack Weir.
Courting ritual, bird themed theatre play.
Man lifting up woman.
Accordion and violin musicians.
Man hanging a string of letters on a rope.
Freddy Sawyer
Two men arguing.
Bird like choreography for argument.
Woman gathering embarrassing letters, trying to hide them.
Olivia Emden and Charlotte Quinney in the background.
Woman reading embarrassing letters.
Man standing with arms crossed.
Freddy Sawyer
Woman standing listening, holding a letter.
Charlotte Quinney
Woman holding arms like bird wings.
Olivia Emden
Woman sitting on back of man, on the floor.
Olivia Emden and Freddy Sawyer
Woman straddling man.
Man sitting on floor, woman standing in background.
Piggyback riding in a boxing ring.
Two women piggy back riding in front of a boxer.
Bird choreographed fight scene between two men.
The men facing off in the ring, like birds.
Two bare chested men waltzing in a boxing ring.
Freddy Sawyer and Hugh Stubbins dancing
Piggyback riding, fighting, flapping wings in boxing ring.
Fighting like birds, flapping their wings.


Woman approaching the victorious fighter.
Woman dancing with bare chested man wearing feathers on arms.
Man and woman dancing in boxing ring.
Intimate dancing in boxing ring, hand above head.
Dancing turns to wrestling as woman hooks man.
Man and woman wrestling in a boxing ring.
Wrestling or courting, what is the difference?
Marriage ceremony all dressed in white, holding hands.
Dancing on the theatre stage
Dancing on the theatre stage, woman smiling.
Man and woman dancing, pitch black background, spotlight above them.
Cast lineup.
Closeup of man in a west.
Woman walking away, dressed in white.


Charlotte Quinney – Celia
Freddy Sawyer – Orlando
Hugh Stubbins – Jaques
Olivia Emden – Rosalind


Isabelle Kettle – Director
Anna Driftmier – Designer
Jack Weir – Lighting Designer
Kit Fowler – Stage Manager
Alexandria Morgan – Associate Administrator
Leyla Mclennan – Producer
Henry Bauckham – Creative Associate

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