Tribes Photoshoot

Yesterday I met up with Robbie Taylor Hunt, Bea Svistunenko and Mark Milligan to do a photoshoot for their upcoming play Tribes. We met in the ADC Bar and sketched out a few ideas before recruiting parts of the Taming of the Shrew cast to give us a hand or two.

There is a spot in the ADC bar right next to one of the windows which has magical light on a cloudy day.


“I just thought everyone’s parents spoke like that. Then I realised.”
“Just like I thought everyone’s parents walked around in the nude shouting at each other.”
“They do.”

Billy’s fiercely intelligent and proudly unconventional family are their own tribe, with their own private language, jokes and rules. You can be as rude as you like, as possessive as you like and as critical as you like. Arguments are an expression of love. After all, you’d do anything for each other, wouldn’t you?

But Billy, who is deaf, is the only one who actually listens.

Meeting Sylvia makes him finally want to be heard, but can he get a word in edgeways? She introduces him to sign-language, love and the deaf community. Some of his family aren’t keen on his new, increasingly distant, identity.

Nina Raine’s award-winning play is a fascinating dissection of belonging, family and the limitations of communication.


Robbie mentioned that deaf people hold hands when they sign in the dark. This photo is inspired by that more intimate form of communication.
The flowers in the front were from the (real!) wedding that had taken place a few days before in the ADC Theatre.
Mark Milligan and Bea Svistunenko.
We played around a bit more after we had got the poster photo.


Kate Reid, Will Peck, Aoife Kennan, Mark Milligan, Bea Svistunenko, Julia Kass and Toby Marlow.
Kate Reid, Will Bishop, Will Peck, Aoife Kennan, Mark Milligan, Bea Svistunenko, Julia Kass and Toby Marlow
Will knows sign language so here he is teaching Robbie, Bea and Mark the more basic forms of communication.
Not sure what or who this is?
I was starting to wonder if he really knew sign language or if he was making it up. Robbie Taylor Hunt, Bea Svistunenko, Will Peck and Mark Milligan.
Crashing aeroplane?
This I do not remember. “Running away from prison” perhaps?
This one is “driving a really really big truck”.

There you have a sneak peek at our Tribes photoshoot. Keep your eyes out for this play which runs in the beginning of November 2015 at the ADC Theatre.

Here is the final poster, edited by Natalie Price (link to her design page on Facebook).

Read the interview in Varsity with Natalie Price where she talks about making theatre posters.

Christopher – Alasdair McNab
Ruth – Alice Carlill
Daniel – Jonah Hauer-King
Billy – Mark Milligan
Sylvia – Bea Svistunenko
Beth – Olivia Le Andersen

Production Team
Director – Robbie Taylor Hunt
Producer – Alex Cartlidge
Deputy Stage Manager – Romilly Beddow
Costume Designer – Freddie Cooke
Assistant Producer – Romilly Beddow, Emily Baycroft
Publicity Designer – Natalie Price
Lighting Designer – Catja Hamilton
Set Designer – Jack Parham
Stage Manager – Emmy Ravenshaw
Poster Photographer – Johannes Hjorth

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