Bajo el sol poniente

This Thursday evening I met up with Javier Rojas after work for a quick evening photoshoot at Gärdet in Stockholm. We managed to get a few photos before the sun set, and after that we went looking for artificial light sources.

Javier Rojas. The first photo we took, turns out this bench was not very sturdy, it wobbled quite a bit.
Javier Rojas with Kaknästornet in the background.
Javier Rojas. There was a sign with a map over Gärdet, on the back was a black surface with some grafitti.
Javier Rojas. The last rays of sun before the sun disappeared.
Javier Rojas
Javier Rojas. The sun is down, and we are looking for light sources. We found this big white strip of light that was perfect for portraits.
Javier had the idea to create some weird shapes with his hands.
Javier Rojas. There are lots of lights outside Fältöversten, so we stopped to get a photo with then.
Javier Rojas
Javier spotted a pink light, so we headed there for our last few photos.
Javier Rojas

It was a fun, but a bit rushed photoshoot as the sun set so early. Already tomorrow Sunday we change the clocks to summer time, and there will be one more hour sun after work for photoshoots.

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