Rays of Gold

The last Sunday of March was not particularly warm, but we had beautiful sunlight. Isabella Larsson and Li Johansson from the Royal Swedish Ballet School joined me for an afternoon photoshoot in Näsbypark. I have a small green room which is still being renovated, with paint stains on the floor, which gives it a rustic feeling. It has quickly become one of my favourite rooms. Depending on when you photograph there you get very different lights.

Isabella Larsson. We started a little after 17, and the sun had just reached the back wall of the room.
Li Johansson. By jumping we managed to get all of Li lit by the sun.
Isabella Larsson. The colours are beautiful but this pose really came to life in black and white, so black and white it is.
Isabella Larsson. I like the dramatic light that the single flash creates. Note also the beautiful parquet floor with Dutch patterning. It was sanded and then two layers of hard wax oil was applied, which brought new life the the old floor. It now looks amazing! Big thank you to Nelsson from the K3 group.
Isabella Larsson, black swan. This floor is not quite as polished as the floor in the other room, but I like how it looks in photos. Still have not decided what floor I should put in here.
Li Johansson
Isabella Larsson
Li Johansson
Li Johansson playing with the golden sun rays. We used a smoke machine to make the rays visible.
Isabella Larsson
Li Johansson
Isabella Larsson
Beautiful pose by Isabella Larsson. Thanks to the 35mm lens we could get full body dance photos by having me step back against the wall.
Li Johansson. Great jump! After the sun set, we did a few photos with the flash.
Isabella Larsson
Li Johansson and Isabella Larsson.
Behind the scenes video from our photoshoot.

A big thank you to Isabella and Li for a fun photo session. To see more ballet photos, check the ballet tag on the blog.

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– Johannes

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