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This past Friday afternoon Vania Kadir, Angela Arcueno and Filip Doré came out to Näsbypark for a dance photoshoot. We decided to start indoors for some photos in the Green room, before heading down to Näsaäng to shoot in the evening sunlight.

Vania Kadir. After a few tries we got this great shot. The afternoon light in the Green room is really gorgeous, and the light coloured clothes help her stand out against the darker background.
Angela Arcueno. We mixed more posed photos with improvisation.
Filip Doré in front of the camera. It is really fun to try and capture a sense of dynamic motion in the pictures.
Vania Kadir
Vania Kadir
Filip, Vania and Angela. We also experimented with group photos. Trying to find shapes and forms.
Filip, Vania and Angela

For the second half of the photoshoot we headed down to Näsaäng. Here I switched to the 200mm lens, to get more reach, and the ability to separate the dancers from the background. There was only a sliver of orange sunlight, and soon the entire beach was in shade from the nearby trees.

Vania Kadir
Vania Kadir
Filip Doré
Angela Arcueno
Vania and Filip. It might have been a wonderfully warm day, but after the sun disappears the water starts to cool you down considerably, so we were on a time limit. It was at this point that my niece and nephew showed up, they had been bathing at the other end of the beach and just seen us. They got to take a few photos with my camera and my mobile phone and say hi to the dancers.
Filip and Vania. Last few photos, then it was time to pack up.

Many thanks to Vania, Angela and Filip for a fun Friday photoshoot!

Instagram: Vania, Angela, Filip, Johannes

— Johannes

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