This past weekend I met up with Elisa Lons from the Royal Swedish Ballet for our second photoshoot. If you have not seen our previous photoshoot, then head over to that blog post, it is one of my favourite photos from this past year.

Since December in Stockholm is a bit cold we decided to do this photoshoot indoors. I recently bought an octagon softbox to use with my Speedlight flashes and it was fun to see what we could create using it.

Elisa Lons. This red chair I bought in a nearby thrift shop, and I feel it adds character to the photo.
Elisa Lons
Elisa Lons. This is how I imagine dancers read.
Elisa Lons
Elisa Lons. I have been indirectly telling the story of my apartment renovation through dance photos. If you go back through my blog posts you can see how the old wall papers looked, there are photos with bare concrete walls, and others showing the floor before I placed the parquet. Recently I bought a set of book shelves from IKEA, and could finally unbox all my books, which left a pile of cardboard boxes. So we decided to include them in a couple of photos.
Elisa Lons. By placing the soft box behind Elisa we could take beautiful silhouette photos. Here a bit of Photoshop magic was used to remove the outline of the soft box which was only about 110 cm in diameter.
Elisa Lons. If you always dance in pointe shoes I guess it can be quite refreshing to try some different foot attire.
Elisa Lons
Elisa Lons
Elisa Lons. For this last set of photos I decided to combine my pictures with some beautiful stellar images taken by NASA’s Hubble Telescope.
Elisa Lons

Many thanks to Elisa for a fun and creative photoshoot! I wish you all a happy new year!

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— Johannes

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