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A week ago I met up with Elisa Lons, an amazing ballerina from the Royal Swedish Opera, for a ballet photoshoot in Näsbypark. The weather had been a bit cold, so we decided to photograph indoors. Below are some of my favourite photos from the photoshoot.

Elisa Lons. We had a plastic sheet covering the window to diffuse the sunlight, which showed up in some of the photos. Here I decided to clean up the background and instead place a texture overlaid on the photo.
Elisa Lons. We played around a lot with different hair tosses. The movement brings the pictures to life.
Elisa Lons

I sent a re-edited version of the photo above to the Swedish Championships in photography and got a honourable mention in the digital qualifying round.

Elisa Lons. Sometimes showing less is more. Here she hid her face behind her hair, which focuses the attention on the arms and legs.
Elisa Lons
Elisa Lons
Elisa Lons
Elisa Lons. There were some heavy clouds that the sun went in and out of, which drastically affected the amount of light in the room. This was right after the sun disappeared, but I liked the darker look so decided to keep it.
Elisa Lons. A skirt can have many uses.
Elisa Lons
Elisa Lons. We had covered the window with a few meters of plastic, to diffuse the light. For this particular shot we decided to use the window as a background. I photoshopped away the edges of the window to create a cleaner image.

Many thanks to Elisa for a fun photoshoot!

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— Johannes

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