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This past Sunday Rebecca joined me for a photo shoot. This was the penultimate projection photo shoot I did in my old flat. I just handed over the keys to it this morning. The theme for this shoot was “Black and White”. We wanted to play with different patterns either from the sun, or from the projector, on Rebecca. Here are the photos.

The reeds just outside my apartment provide a nice backdrop. This was shot with f/7.1 but looking at it now I should probably have opened up the aperture a bit further. Also the photo is a bit unbalanced, with so much empty space on the left. Rebecca is flawless though, which is why you see this photo here.
What you do not see in this photo is that Rebecca is holding up a laced top to create the shadows on her face.
This photo is part of our two step plan to get Rebecca to star as Mia Wallace in the future remake of Pulp Fiction. Step one is completed, now we just need to send this photo to Quentin Tarantino. Anyone has his email address?
A simple portrait taken in the shade by the Sports Centre. I opened up the aperture to f/2.8 which decreased the depth of field. You can see that only one of Rebecca’s eyes is fully in focus.
Rebecca had found a lot of very interesting patterns for us to experiment with.
Here is another one of these wonderful patterns.


We did a barcode image, positioning it to create a collar.


The horizontal stripes and her expression make this photo very doll like.
One more of the projection photos. Here I was aiming to have the lines leading in to her face.
Rebecca had to leave at 6pm for a rehearsal. Here we were checking to see how far down the sun was, which turned into another photo opportunity. I am really starting to like restricted light, it makes for wonderful portrait.s
One more of these, this time in colour.

Many thanks to Rebecca for this great photo shoot! If you want to see more projection photos, then check out the other photos tagged with projection.

– Johannes


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