Henry IV poster photo shoot

Today is a busy day. This morning I met up with parts of the Henry IV crew to do a poster photo shoot. The plan was to have a laughing Tim Atkin on the poster. When I arrived at 10 am Freddie Cooke was well underway with the make-up. While we waited for her to finish I did some test shots to check the light.

Eleanor Warr. There is a shoot through umbrella on the right, and a snooted flash on the left.
Jamie Armitage doing his version of the Scream.
Freddie Cooke and Tim Atkin, applying the last touch to the make-up.
A test shot with Tim Atkin.
One of the potential poster photos. I am curious to see which one they pick.
We decided to do a few group shots. Here the guys are leading by example?
Our version of the last supper.
“Father and Son”
Charlies Angels

A quick glimpse from the photo shoot of Henry IV, playing at the ADC Theatre May 5-9 2015. You can book your tickets on the ADC Theatre webpage.

Update: Check out the dress rehearsal photos, where they transformed ADC into the Globe Theatre.

– Johannes

The final poster, designed by Gabriel Agranoff:


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