Blood Wedding goes to Church

What better place to do a photo shoot for Blood Wedding than in a derelict church. There is a nice one near Denton, not far from Peterborough. Marthe Ogg de Ferrer procured a minivan for us, and with the help of google maps and Ella Duffy as our roadmap instructions reader, we found the way. Here are the photos from the evening.

Moon and two of the Fates. Alice Carlill, Ella Duffy and Joanna Vymeris. The blood splatter in these photos are made using a Photoshop brush set that I found online.
Ben Walsh peeking in through one of the big windows.
Lauren Brown and Ben Walsh.
Ella Duffy, Alice Carlill and Joanna Vymeris. Jack Parham climbing in the background like a monkey looking for a perch.
Alice and Ella
Joanna Vymeris
Jack took the photo shoot to new heights. Here Alice climbing the ladder like window.
Joanna, Alice and Jack.
Lauren, Marthe, Ella and Ben looking on.
Back to a safe height.
They are coming down again! Ella is happy!
Jack taking some liberties with the storyline.
Lauren as a ghost. This is a composite, where I faded the photo with Lauren into one without her.
We ended the evening with some silly photos. Here Alice had the task of photo bombing the others.
Joanna Vymeris, Alice Carlill, Jack Parham, Marthe Ogg de Ferrer, Ella Duffy, Ben Walsh and Lauren Brown.
A hug for Ben!
Last photo of the day, selfie time!

There are several derelict churches within reach from Cambridge, so there will hopefully be more photo shoots like this. Many thanks to the cast and crew for making this possible!

Update: The blog post with the dress rehearsal of Blood Wedding is up.

– Johannes

Mother – Martha Murphy
Bride – Lauren Brown
Husband – Jack Parham
Leonardo – Ben Walsh
Moon – Alice Carlill
Death – Rose Reade
Fates – Ella Duffy, Joanna Clarke, Joanna Vymeris
Leonardo’s Wife – Julia Kass
Mother in Law – Matilda Wickham
Father – Ryan Monk

Production Team
Director – Marthe de Ferrer
Producer – Joe Winters, Jack Rowan
Composer – Ryan Rodrigues
Choreographer – Leona Hayhoe
Musical Director – Joe Winters
Production Designer – Philipp Heckmann-Umhau
Technical Director – Bethany Craik
Deputy Stage Manager – Louisa Dales
Stage Manager – Sam Payne
Lighting Designer – Daniel Karaj
Costume Designer – Matilda Wickham
Chief Electrician – Kathryn Dodds
Assistant Stage Manager – Jossie Evans
Publicity Designer – Alice Walker
Make-up Designer – Talia Robertson
Assistant Stage Manager – Lydia Ong
Assistant Producer – Freya Sanders
Accent Coach – Rosanna Suppa
Sound Designer – Francesco Anselmetti
Photographer – Johannes Hjorth


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