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Today we did a photo shoot for the musical BARE, which plays at the ADC Theatre May 12-16. Emily Newton, Sarah Mercer, Ed Limb and Joe Pitts joined me for a climb up onto the Chapel roof. Two of my old colleagues from work, Catherine Cutts and Ellese Cotterill, also joined us. Those who know me probably know that I have been trying to get up on the chapel roof for a few years now. One time after shooting a concert rehearsal in the chapel I got very close to tagging along a group that was going up, but they were too many already. This time we made it up! I am really happy to finally get up there! Here are the photos from the photo shoot.

On my way to King’s College Chapel. I am a bit early, because I do not want to miss this opportunity.


The view from the chapel roof is pretty grand.


So we were here to shoot a poster photo for BARE. Ed and Joe are the two main actors in the musical, and would feature on the poster. We were only allowed to walk on the wooden walkway and on the ladder. There is a small precarious platform at the top of the ladder where Joe and Ed could stand. Here I have darkened the photo in Photoshop to only get their silhouettes.


The play is set in a Catholic boarding school and centres around the forbidden love between Jason (played by Ed Limb) and Peter (played by Joe Pitts).


Here capturing the moment just before their kiss. We also wanted to capture the location, so I was shooting with a 35 mm lens to get a wider view.


There were two sets of ladders, one in either end. Here I perched on the top to get more of the view behind Ed and Joe.
Emily Newton, Sarah Mercer, Joe Pitts and Ed Limb.
I made it on the roof! Wohoo!
Climbing down is not as easy as climbing up.
We continued the photo shoot on the ground. There was a wedding going on at the same time, which worked as a great backdrop for Ed and Joe. The little bridesmaids just happened to come running towards us, framed by Ed and Joe’s arms. The original photo was wider, but I cropped it in close better focus the photo on the interesting parts in the centre.
Catherine Cutts, Ellese Cotterill and Johannes Hjorth.
Joe and Emily behind-the-scenes photo. We only used the reflector for a few of the shots.
King’s College Chapel from the other side.

I recently read a great article on Petapixel that talked about the importance of using soft light sources, and restricting light to get more interesting shadows. This set of portraits were taken right beside a wall, to create the shadows on the right-hand side of their faces.

Joe Pitts
Ed Limb
Emily Newton
We got the shots we needed, so now it is play time!
I would have loved to have seen the look on the face of the old lady as Ed and Joe came running past.
A peck on the cheek. Photos usually get better by coming a little bit closer, especially when you want to capture emotions and reactions.
They were having so much fun!
I think it was Emily that mentioned that Joe can jump, so we walked over to the short side of the chapel to give him a good backdrop. Boy did he jump!
Ed joins the jumping. This was starting to look like a Calvin Klein commercial.
On towards new adventures!

Many thanks to Sarah, Ed, Joe and especially Emily for organising this! I am really happy that we made it up on the roof! You can see more of Ed and Joe at the ADC Theatre. Book your tickets on the ADC webpage.

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– Johannes


The final poster designed by Emily Newton.


For more theatre photos, have a look at the theatre category on the blog.

Jason – Ed Limb
Peter – Joe Pitts
Ivy – Kitty Sillars
Nadia – Lucy Dickson
Claire – Holly Musgrave
Lucas – Joe Spence
Sister Chantelle – Emily Murray
Kyra – Olivia Gaunt
Diane – Joanna Clarke
Matt – James Daly
Zack – Thomas Taplin

Production Team
Director – Sarah Mercer
Producer – Emily Newton
Musical Director – Joe Beighton
Sound Designer – Johannes Ruckstuhl
Stage Manager – Eleanor Mitchell
Deputy Stage Manager – Lewis Scott
Lighting Designer – Sam Payne
Assistant Musical Director – Claudia Grinnell
Co-Choreographer – Megan Henson
Assistant Director – Georgie Henley, Ryan Howard
Rehearsal Photographer – Angharad Owen
Production Photographer – Johannes Hjorth

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