Blue Remembered Hills

In the early morning hours on my last day in Cambridge I met up with Zoé Barnes and the cast of Blue Remembered Hills for a fun hour playing around in the playground. The directions were simple enough, play and have fun. The actors would stay in character, and I would capture their antics as it happened. At one point Zoé even jumped in splashing disgusting muddy water on her cast, all in the name of art!

In the West Country, during the Second World War, the preoccupations of adults become those of children, as spitfires swerve through the sky and a little boy’s arms become wings. Donald’s father is missing in action, and a klaxon warns that a German prisoner of war is believed to have escaped, but these are the least of the children’s worries.

In Dennis Potter’s tragic and poignant drama, seven seven-year-olds, including the class bully, a just-minded cowboy and a little girl with “many best friends” spend a Summer afternoon together in the woods, playing house and fighting, as all their fears and chimeras are brought to the foreground and their actions become increasingly violent. The very nature of innocence is under fire, and ultimately, the question becomes whether it is even possible for it to exist.

(Text from Camdram)

Max Harrison on the playground
Victoria Clow poking Max Harrison with a stick while Eleanor Burke and Joe Tyler Todd cheer her on.
Max Harrison and Andrew Carey
Andrew Carey, Victoria Clow and Eleanor Burke
Eleanor Burke
Eleanor Burke
Max Harrison
Eleanor Burke, Victoria Clow and Andrew Carey
Andrew Carey and Eleanor Burke
Max Harrison and Joe Tyler Todd
Eleanor Burke
Olly Francis, Zoé Barnes, Victoria Clow and Andrew Carey
Olly Francis the cowboy, Victoria Clow and Andrew Carey not quite as impressed.
A gun slinging Olly Francis with Victoria Clow and Andrew Carey.
Olly Francis,Victoria Clow and Andrew Carey
Olly Francis and Andrew Carey fighting over the horse.
Zoé Barnes spinning around. I get dizzy just thinking about this.
Victoria Clow, Andrew Carey and Olly Francis
Zoé Barnes

Click the thumbnails to see the cast up close.

Blue Tree Hill opens March 1st, at the ADC Theatre. Stay tuned!

Preview: Varsity

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Willie – Elise Hagan
Peter – Max Harrison
Raymond – Olly Francis
Audrey – Victoria Clow
Angela – Eleanor Burke
John – Joe Tyler Todd
Donald Duck – Andrew Carey

Production Team
Director – Zoe Barnes
Producer – Thomas Warwick
Cinematographer – George Clarke
Sound Designer – Jacob Baldwin
Photographer – Johannes Hjorth
Assistant Director – Mathilde Morel
Associate Director – Eleanor Salter
Fight Choreographer – Victoria Clow
Stage Manager – Amelia Parker
Lighting Designer – Ian Blackwell
Publicity Designer – Elise Limon

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