Suddenly Last Summer

As you might have noticed I am not posting the photoshoots in chronological order, but rather prioritising the theatre plays that are coming up soon. This photoshoot was the last I did before having lunch and heading off to the airport to fly back to Stockholm. Suddenly Last Summer is directed by Zoe Black and we decided to meet up at Jesus Green, which had trees and was conveniently close to where I was staying. Most of these photos are shot with my 50mm at f/1.4 which gives a very narrow depth of focus, and (as photographers would say) creamy bokeh.

Roshan Gino Ruprai and Maya Achan

My son, Sebastian, and I constructed our days, each day, we would – carve out each day of our lives like a piece of sculpture. – Yes, we left behind us a trail of days like a gallery of sculpture! But, last summer – I can’t forgive him for it, not even now that he’s paid for it with his life! – he let in this – vandal!


Roshan Gino Ruprai and Phoebe Segal
Roshan Gino Ruprai and Phoebe Segal
Connor Rowlett and Maya Achan

Yes, we all use each other and that’s what we think of as love, and not being able to use each other is what’s – hate…

Phoebe Segal and Roshan Gino Ruprai
Ed Bankes and Phoebe Segal

You’ve just got to stop telling that story about what you say happened to Cousin Sebastian in Cabeza de Lobo, even if it’s what it couldn’t be, true! – You’ve got to drop it, sister, you can’t tell such a story to civilised people in a civilised, up-to-date country!

Phoebe Segal

I failed him. I wasn’t able to keep the web from – breaking… I saw it breaking but couldn’t save or – repair it!

Phoebe Segal piggybacking on Ed Bankes
Phoebe Segal, Roshan Gino Ruprai and Maya Achan

“Most people’s lives—what are they but trails of debris, each day more debris, more debris, long, long trails of debris with nothing to clean it all up but, finally, death.” Mrs. Venable’s son, Sebastian, died last summer while on holiday with his cousin Catherine. Who was he really, and what actually happened? Mrs. Venable’s illusory idea of Sebastian must be shattered in what has come to be appreciated as one of Tennessee Williams’s most poetic pieces. Sexuality, shame, family: come and be totally immersed in the stifling atmosphere of one of Williams’ best one-act plays.

(Text from Camdram)

Zoe Black, Ed Bankes, Connor Rowlett, Maya Achan, Phoebe Segal, Roshan Gino Ruprai and Isabella Oreffo


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Preview: Varsity

Review: TCS (6/10), Tab (4/5), Varsity (5/5)

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Mrs Venable – Maya Achan
Catharine Holly – Phoebe Segal
Doctor Sugar – Roshan Ruprai
Mrs Holly – Isabella Oreffo
George Holly – Ed Bankes
Sister Felicity – Thea Mead
Mr Foxhill – Connor Rowlett
Drums – Ellie Hensher-Smith

Production Team
Director – Zoe Black
Producer – Anna Bondarenko
Associate Director – Alex Franklin
Associate Producer – Elinor Lipman
Stage Manager – Gabriel Humphreys
Publicity and Projection Designer – Ed Bankes
Photographer – Johannes Hjorth
Costume Designer – Nina Jeffs
Hair & Make-up Designer – Monica Dey
Lighting Designer – David Horvath Franco
Projectionist and Sound Operator – David Hardman

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