Boring Prince Bertie of Belgium

Today I photographed the “Boring Prince Bertie of Belgium and the Attempted Wedding of 1850” by Marcus Martin. It ended up being two sessions, first a set of promotional shots for the show, then I photographed the dress rehearsal. This was the first time I saw the McCrumb lecture hall at Corpus Christi, that is hidden away behind the Eagle Pub.

A small group of us went and scouted for location while the rest of the cast and crew was getting ready. We ended up in Corpus Christi College, inside some of the nice older student rooms that had a view over the inner court yard. Most of the shots, however, were done outside, but it was fun to see what it looked like inside.

Rhodri Odri Hughes
Aurélien Guéroult playing the Emperor of Russia. This shot against the bright window was a bit tricky to get the exposure right, I did not want to blow the highlights, while having to deal with the dark shadows in the foreground.
This window was just grand. Here I shot it from a slightly lower angle. The pelican “Jessie” that belonged to the owner of the room made an impromptu appearance.
After getting the in-character shots, we went for some more funny ones.

When the rest of the group arrived, we did a group shot and then photos with smaller groups and some individual shots. Theatre people are great, you can just give them a theme and they will run with it.

The entire cast of the play. We also did a series of group photos where they were more spread out. There were a lot of funny shots to be taken, you just had to be observant to capture it all.
Lottie Franklin and Yasmin Freeman. This photo was the first in the series of them, I liked the expression the best here, but it was a bit blurry. Photoshop’s shake reduction is magical, not only does it tell you how you shook the camera, it can correct for it (to a certain degree). It is still not perfectly sharp, but it is noticeably better than before.
Lily Linden, Haydn Jenkins and Abi Palmer. They were just bouncing with energy, giving me a ton of different material to work with.
Rhiannon Shaw as Queen of France. Trying to make it a bit regal by having a lower camera postion.
Alex O’Bryan-Tear one of the two directors of the show.
Marcus Martin, writer and director of the show.

The play is great comedy, and it will be premiering at the ADC Theatre shortly.

Edit: An update, they got a five star review from the Tab.

– Johannes

Reviews: Varsity (3.5/5), The Tab

Agent Boro – Abi Palmer
Emperor Vladimir II of Russia – Aurélien Guéroult
Handsome Prince Daniel of Denmark – Kyle Turakhia
Lady Bradley of Great Britain – Helena Eccles
Leo – Haydn Jenkins
Sabina – Lottie Franklin
Prince Talik of Turkey – Ben Walsh
Prince Philip of Prussia – Rhodri Hughes
Princess Isabella of Italy – Yasmin Freeman
Queen Margaret of Great Britain – Beth D
Knupf – Suchitra Sebastian
Queen Fifi of France – Rhiannon Shaw
Jenkins of Scotland Yard – Colin Rothwell
Guard – Nathan Smith
Gimp – Eli Keren
Lord Latafat of Turkey – Alastair Benn
Priest – Henry Wilkinson
Agent Timi – Lily Lindon

Production Team
Director – Marcus Martin, Alex O’Bryan-Tear
Publicity Designer – Victoria Bellamy
Set Designer – Harry Stockwell
Lighting Designer – Andrew Carlotti
Producer – Min Ji Choi
Technical Director – Kathryn Dodds
Sound Designer – Dom Browne
Costume Designer – Georgia Lowe, Megan Lea
Set Builder – Lydia Clark
DSM – Ellie Dobbs
Stage Manager – Phoebe Elliott-Mills
Dress Rehearsal Photographer – Johannes Hjorth

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