Photoshoot with Danni

These are from a photo shoot with Danni back in October 2014. I had met up with Danni a few days earlier to have a chat and discuss what we wanted to do with the shoot. We then planned an afternoon session, to make use of the daylight coming through the window in her room. We started quite late, and ended up using a LED lamp as our main light source. It gave some really harsh shadows, so we recruited Danni’s house-mate Hazel to help us with the lighting. Hazel became our living soft-box, putting on a dressing gown turned inside out to give us a big white reflective light source. Perhaps not the most conventional way of lighting a set, but we had a lot of fun, and we got pretty good light. Also being three people gave us one more person to bounce ideas with, which made us more creative.

Danni had one big mirror, with a figurin on it. In this shot we were trying to get Danni’s pose as similar to the figurin’s as possible. This shot has the LED lamp as the sole light source.
Towards the end of the shoot the unicorn onsie came out. It started as a joke that we went with. Here I have darkened the background a bit to better isolate Danni in the photo.
Playing with dramatic light and shadow. I had three of my prime lenses with me. This photo was taken with the 80 mm, which give crazy sharp photos with the new camera. I like that there is a sliver of light under her left eye, without it that side would be entirely in shadow. Perhaps I should have moved the camera slightly to the left to show her face a bit more head on.
We were taking some photos with Hazel holding the light behind Danni’s head, and I commented that this would look really good with some smoke. It was just a thought, and I did not really expect that we would be able to do it. However, I think it was Hazel that suggested that we should get some hot tea, so Danni made herself a cup of the most English of drinks, and we got a few shots like this.

It was a fun little photo shoot. I liked the creative way of solving the lighting.

– Johannes

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