Breaking Waves

This past Saturday I met up with Lovisa Enholm and Rebecka Enholm, and together we headed out early in the morning to Björnö Naturreservat for a dance photoshoot. The bus dropped us off at Björkviks Brygga, and from there we walked eastwards to the Island which took about half an hour.

Rebecka Enholm. On the way to the southern coast of the island we made a short stop by a wooden jetty and took a few photos.
Rebecka Enholm. Timing the hair is a bit of luck. This was one of the first photos we took in this series.
Lovisa Enholm
Rebecka spotted this interesting looking tree, so we did a small detour to get a photo with it.
Lovisa Enholm. Finally we arrived after about an hour of trekking across the island.
Lovisa Enholm. Graceful by the edge of the cliff.
Lovisa Enholm
Lovisa Enholm
Lovisa Enholm
Rebecka Enholm. A quick wardrobe change for Rebecka, and we did a few photos by the water, before heading into the water.
Rebecka Enholm
Rebecka Enholm. The stones were formed like a flight of stairs. One of my friends had told me that the scouts come here for camps every now and then. Perhaps this was something they had built?
Rebecka Enholm
Rebecka Enholm. We waited for the sailing boat to get into our frame for this photo.
Rebecka Enholm. Time for a few photos in the water.
Rebecka Enholm. Inspired by a photo I recently saw on Loui Pon’s Instagram account we decided to do our own version of the semi-submerged theme. Here Rebecka breaking through the surface, like entering another world through a portal. You might have noticed that I flipped the cover image horizontally. We are so conditioned by reading that our eyes snap back automatically to the left. If you compare this image to the cover image, your eyes will probably stay longer on the cover because of the change in orientation.
Rebecka Enholm. One last photo before it was time to get out of the water.
Lovisa and Rebecka
Lovisa Enholm. One of the last photos with my trusted Nikon D810 before the shutter broke.

We had just set the alarm for 45 minutes, after which it would be time for us to start making our way back to the bus. As I was photographing Lovisa my camera suddenly gave up. From one frame to the next it started to produce only pitch black photos, and then it gave up entirely, with the text “Err” flashing on the display. Nikon rates the D810 shutter for 200000 exposures, turns out they were pretty much spot on as the shutter gave up on exposure 198858. Going to hand it in for repairs on Monday, just happy that it did not break earlier in the day so that we could get all these photos.

We packed up quickly and managed to catch an earlier bus home, with a bit of last minute sprinting. All in all it was a success and another fun photoshoot! A big thank you to Lovisa and Rebecka for joining me on this excursion!

To see more dance photos, check the dance category on the blog.

— Johannes

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