Raindrops on Water

Early morning, and rain. It might sound like the recipe for disaster or a cancelled photoshoot, but not for us. We see the potential in days like this. Tilda Kristiansson and I headed out to Kråkudden in Näsbypark with an umbrella, rain clothes and the camera wrapped up in a plastic bag. Just to be on the safe side I decided to bring my old Nikon D700 instead of the newer camera, since the 85 mm lens was not rated as rain proof. Luckily the plastic bag did its job and protected the equipment. Tilda on the other hand embraced the rain.

Tilda Kristiansson. First dance photo of the day, we are off to a good start.
Tilda Kristiansson. We decided to help the rain a bit to get more water drops in the air.
Tilda Kristiansson.
Tilda Kristiansson. A quick wardrobe change, and we had moved a few metres to the south were we found another nice photo spot.
Tilda Kristiansson. Given that it was rainy and cold, and early, we decided to take some moody photos as well.
Tilda Kristiansson
Tilda Kristiansson. Here I have moved to the side, shooting through some reeds to get a bit of diffuse foreground.
Tilda Kristiansson. There was a group of ducks that liked the spot also. Whenever we left the rock, they would climb up on it, but as soon as we approached they retreated back into the water.

One thing I need to remember for the next time we do a rain photoshoot is to have a longer shutter time, so that the rain drops leave a longer trail in the photos. You can see the short trails in the photo below. The tradeoff with a longer shutter time is of course that I might need to shoot with a smaller aperture, which means more of the background will be in focus. Another alternative is to invest in some ND filters to reduce the amount of light coming into the camera.

Tilda Kristiansson. Tilda doing her best seal impression.
Tilda Kristiansson. The human knot.
Tilda Kristiansson. One last photo before it was time to call it a day and head back.

If you want to see more photos of Tilda, check out the “Tilda-tag” on the blog, or visit her Instagram. There is currently no way to subscribe to the blog, but you can follow me on Instagram.

— Johannes

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