Cambridge Pink Week

This week a lot of breast cancer awareness and charity events are taking place in Cambridge. Last Sunday they had a Pink Evening at the Sedgwick Museum site, and I went there for a while after visiting the Queens’ Art Festival. Here is a selection of my photos from the evening. Everything is shot with my old D700 and the 50 mm prime lens. No flash since I did not have it with me.

Emilie Marie Karlsson and Rukmini Prasad
Narmeen Abbas and Anni Siedenburg
Olivia Openshaw and scary dinosaur head. One of the perks of photographing in a museum is that there are a lot of very different things you can incorporate into your pictures.
Abbie Ruse, Lenny Cherry and Murdo Barker-Mill
Vangelis Anast, Becca Verlander, Lizzie Walsh and Syed Jafri.
Anni Siedenburg and Narmeen Abbas. I wanted to somehow show where the photos were taken, since a party headshot can be from anywhere. You might notice some pink T-shirts or balloons sneaking their way into other pictures, where I try and provide context.
Playing with bubbles. They handed out some strange kind of soap bubble blowers that left residue everywhere. The bubbles also stuck around after landing on things, I looked really funny covered in them. No photo of that though, at least not here on the blog – yet!
Miriam Shovel
Miranda Lyle PĂ©rez making drawings of the guests.
Fay Offley, Georgina Collie and Vangelis Anast. I like how the pink ribbon integrates into the composition.
Annie Magee and Debbie Martin. Just a quick snap shot as they walked towards me.
Amy Charlotte Oliver, Becky Seakins, Shaun Palmer and Matt Johnston. The world needs more photobombing!


If you want to learn more about the Cambridge Pink Week, visit their Facebook page.


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