We’ll meet again

“We’ll meet again” plays this week at Corpus Playroom, there is one more performance tomorrow, so there is still time if you want to see it (tickets). I met up with the cast today after their show and did a quick photo shoot with them.

Cassia Price, Charlie Houseago and Kate Reid. I like the old feeling that the slight orange tint gave.
Oliver Jackson, Daisy Jones, Charlie Houseago and Jack Allum-Gruselle.
Molly O’Connor and Daisy Jones
Cassia Price and Daisy Jones
Kate Reid, Posey Mehta, Charlie Houseago and Daisy Jones
Kate Reid, Isobel Gooder, Megan Lea and Daisy Jones
Kate Reid, Isobel Gooder, Megan Lea and Daisy Jones. These four actresses play the same character at different ages.
Isobel Gooder, Daisy Jones, Kate Reid and Megan Lea. If you are talking to past versions of yourself, is it then a monologue?
Daisy Jones, Kate Reid and Megan Lea
We quickly jumped from scene to scene. In between scenes I snapped a backlit photo of Sarah Stacey, co-director of the play.
Oliver Jackson
Megan Lea and Jack Allum-Gruselle
Jack Allum-Gruselle and Megan Lea
Megan Lea and Charlie Houseago
Megan Lea and Charlie Houseago, This photo was inspired by the kissing photo from After Miss Julie.
Charlie Houseago and Jack Allum-Gruselle
Charlie Houseago and Isobel Gooder
Posey Mehta
Angela Han, Charlie Houseago and Mihai Bica


If you want to read more there are two previews on Varsity and the Tab, and a Varsity review. I never cease to be amazed at how the Corpus Playroom is transformed and takes on very different characters in the plays. The set had a lot of atmosphere, with great costumes and lighting. The story seems very interesting as well, I liked the short bits that I saw during the half hour we had before they had to clear the set for the next play.

Cara (Child) – Daisy Jones
Cara (Teenage) – Megan Lea
Cara (Adult) – Isobel Gooder
Max – Charlie Houseago
Paula – Cassia Price
Roy – Quintin Langley-Coleman
Aunt Lena – Posey Mehta
Miss Petal – Molly O’Connor
Peter/Child 1 – Jack Allum-Gruselle
Jamie/Child 2 – Oliver Jackson
Alice/Child 3/Goon 1 – Angela Han
Goon 2 – Mihai Bica
Mrs Slater – Kate Reid

Production Team
Writer/Co-director – Nathan Miller
Co-director – Sarah Stacey
Producer – Sam Hobson
Assistant Producer – Sebastian Constantine
Technical Director – Mark Danciger
Costume – Georgia Bachti
Assistant Costume and Makeup – Alice S. Zanghi
Publicity – Sanjukta Sen
Set Designer – Florrie Priest
Consultant Set Designer – François Sherwood
Lighting Designer – Ron Mulvey
Associate Producer – Alex Bell
Set Consultant – Matilda Ettedgui
Photographer – Johannes Hjorth

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