Candide dress rehearsal

This week Cambridge University Opera Society and BATS perform Candide by Leonard Bernstein at Fitzpatrick Hall, Queens’ College. The operette is directed by Emma Wilkinson. She also directed Don Giovanni last year, which was the first dress rehearsal I ever photographed. Here is a selection of photos from the evening.

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Reviews: The Cambridge Student (6/10), Varsity (5/5)

Candide – Michael Bell
Cunegonde – Rosalind Dobson
Pangloss – Jonathan Pacey
Old Lady – Louise Ayrton
Governor/Vanderdendur/Ragotski -Cameron Richardson-Eames
Maximilian – Krishnan Ram-Prasad
Paquette – Mary Hamilton
Captain – Raphael Milliere
Crook – William Ashford
Chorus – Isabelle Kent, Abigail Adams, Sophia Cafoor-Camps,Rebecca Maggs, Gwendolyn Davis,Hebe Hamilton, Max McGinlay,Elspeth Collard, Jessica Clark-Jones, William Ashford, Gideon Gray, Sam Hewitt, Gary Rushton,Robert Thomas, Seth,Connor Mui, Oscar Osicki, Toby Matimong, Jonathan Venvell

Violin – Zirou Zhang, Marco Selvi,Catherine Xu, Miranda Whitmarsh,Kirsty Lee
Viola – Peter Ford, Laura Harrison,Sapphire Armitage
Cello – Leo Popplewell, Alex Dalgleish, Oliver Pickard
Double Bass – Catherine Sutherland
Flute – Jack Mainwaring, Robin Foster
Flute/Piccolo – Cat Stiles, Hele Francis
Oboe/cor – Rachel Becker
Clarinet – David Wong, Sam Turton,Jared Bennett
Bassoon – Declan Corr, Matthew Kemp
Horn – Jake Rowe, Daniel Gethin,Imdad Sardharwalla
Trumpet – Isaac Dunn, Mike Maddocks
Trombone – William Martin, Nick Wise
Tuba – William Woodall
Timps – Chrissy Burke
Percussion – Simon Nathan,Jonathan Morell
Keys – Katie Wong, Claudia Grinnell,Gabriel Chiu

Production Team
Director – Emma Wilkinson
Musical Director – Lucy Morris
Assistant Musical Director – Claudia Grinnell
Répétiteurs – Claudia Grinnell,Cameron Richardson-Eames, James Bartlett
Producer – Greg Forrest
Stage Manager – Anna Lush
Assistant Producers – Isabel Power,Lucy Adams
Sound Designer – Paul Gotch
Lighting Designer – Jon French
Publicity Designer – Hannah Taylor
Associate Producer – Isla Tyrrell
Choreographer – Rebecca Maggs
Hair & Make-Up – Susannah Thraves
Photographers – Johannes Hjorth, Simon Lock
Superstar – Bethany Craik, Oliver Duff

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