Freak premieres tonight at the Corpus Playroom. It is an intense play featuring Beth D (as Leah) and Eleanor Mack (as Georgie). You do not want to miss this one. Book your tickets on the Corpus Playroom’s webpage for tonight’s premiere. You can read the Varsity review here.

The play takes place in a bedroom. The two women initially do not interact with one another. Through monologues we experience their lives and thoughts.
Beth D and Eleanor Mack. Note the mirror in the background, I kept trying to make sure that at least one of them was visible in it. I even went up twice to readjust it to get the right angle for the mirror.
Beth captured the innocence of Leah at the beginning of the play.
The play shifted character as Eleanor portrayed the sexual adventures or dreams of Georgie. Normally having the person closest blurry is a big no-no, but here I wanted to put the focus on Beth’s reflection in the mirror.
From time to time the stories of the two women would converge, telling of similar but slightly different events. In this photo I cleaned up the background a bit in Photoshop to simplify the scene and make it more symmetric.
Georgie’s spit roasting monologue.
The mirror provided a nice frame. I also liked that the lights at the top mimicked the curvature of the bottom of the mirror.
Towards the end the two women met, when Leah comes to Georgie for advice.
After the play finished we played around a bit with a few different ideas. This composite shot evolved as we did a few test shots and collectively came up with ideas that added more to the final image.
This photo started out as a simple head tossing photo. It then developed, in part influenced by Philippe Halsman’s photo Dali Atomicus of Salvador Dali. This is pretty much the shot as it was taken, with the exception of one spotlight in the top right-hand corner that I removed in Photoshop.

Reviews: The Cambridge Student (9/10), Varsity (3.5/5)

Leah – Beth D
Georgie – Eleanor Mack

Production Team
Co-Producers – Romilly Beddow, Ploy Kingchatchaval
Lighting/Sound Designer – Zoe Higgins
Co-Directors – Hannah Parlett, Conrad Jefferies
Stage Manager – Emmy Ravenshaw
Movement Director – Lucy Moss
Publicity Designer – Chloe Carroll
Photographer – Johannes Hjorth

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