CAST in Ely Cathedral

The Cambridge American Stage Tour had their second preview yesterday, this time in the grand Ely Cathedral. Here is a glimpse from their afternoon, including a guided tour up the Octagon.

The magnificent Ely Cathedral as seen from a distance. The dark sky made for a more dramatic photo, but I was soaking wet from my bike ride to the train station earlier.
The techies. Tom Johnson, Johannes Ruckstuhl and Josie Wastell
Jossie Evans, Josie Wastell. Here the window caught my attention and I also liked how the light lit up their silhouettes.
Marco Young and Aoife Kennan sharing a Hobbit moment. We are on our way up the Octagon, and were told about a very small door we would have to pass through.
Marco Young, Gabbie Bird, Alex Cartlidge and Aoife Kennan.
The Octagon as seen from below.
Marco Young, Gabbie Bird, Aoife Kennan and Alex Cartlidge up in the Octagon at Ely Cathedral.
One more photo to give an idea of how far up we were. It was some 30 meters from there to the floor.
Marco Young and Aoife Kennan the arm wrestling champion.
Alex Cartlidge posing for the camera.
No idea who this is…
Hobbit and Gandalf?
Gandalf and Hobbit.
Marco Young and Alex Cartlidge
Marco Young, Gabbie Bird, Aoife Kennan and Alex Cartlidge.
These four again.
Olivia Stamp, Kate Reid, Will Bishop, Sarah Mercer, Toby Marlow, Gabbie Bird, Josie Wastell, Emma Hollows, Johannes Ruckstuhl, Jossie Evans, Will Peck, Tom Johnson, Aoife Kennan, Julia Kass and Marco Young. I like these group shots when you ask the people to step into the frame one at a time, and then hold their pose.
Robbie Taylor Hunt, Emma Hollows, Johannes Ruckstuhl, Kate Reid, Will Bishop, Jossie Evans, Tom Johnson, Sarah Mercer, Gabbie Bird, Julia Kass, Toby Marlo, Josie Wastell, Kennedy Bloomer, Laura Sedgwick, Alex Cartlidge, Will Peck, Marco Young, Aoife Kennan and Emma Hollows.
Lots of crazy people and lady in blue.
Olivia Stamp
Olivia Stamp and Gabbie Bird
Aoife Kennan getting her hair done by Eve Edmonds
A well covered preparation.
Toby Marlow and Sarah Mercer
Julia Kass
Julia Kass, Eve Edmonds, Sarah Mercer and Kennedy Bloomer.

Toby Marlow and Sarah Mercer warming up in the 14th Century Lady Chapel.

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Bianca/Biondello/Servant – Julia Kass
Tranio/Curtis – Aoife Kennan
Sly/Petruccio – Toby Marlow
Baptista/Servant/Tailor – Sarah Mercer
Bartholomew/Grumio/Widow – Will Peck
Player/Lucentio/Servant – Will Bishop
Hostess/Player/Katherina – Kate Reid
Servant/Hortensio/Merchant – Robbie Taylor Hunt
Lord/Gremio/Vincentio – Marco Young

Production Team
Tour Manager – Alex Cartlidge, Laura Sedgwick
Director – Kennedy Bloomer
Assistant Director – Gabriella Bird
Education Officer – Olivia Stamp
Stage Manager – Jossie Evans
Designer – Emma Hollows
Technical Director – Josie Wastell
Lighting Designer – Johannes Ruckstuhl
CLX – Tom Johnson
Publicity Designer – Hannah Taylor
Programme Designer – Natalie Price
Photographer – Johannes Hjorth
Fight Choreography – Robbie Taylor Hunt
Steam Wafteur – Will Peck
Chief Shrew Tamer – Jordan Mitchell
80s Music Elf – Hazel Lawrence

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