Charity Fashion Shoot at Jesus College

The Cambridge Fashion Show is being organised by Lottie Franklin and Victoria Herren-Schmidt. The big show happens on February 13 (2015) in the Guild Hall, and is in support of a charity called Cambridge House that was founded by Trinity and Magdalene students back in 1889.

We did a fashion shoot one afternoon at Jesus College. For me shooting fashion is something new. Lottie and Victoria had arranged so that the university rugby team and university rowing team were there. The former were in casual wear, and the latter were in more stylish outfits. You can read about the fashion aspect of this on The Blue Bird.

It was a cloudy day, which was great because it gave a soft light without any harsh shadows. In fashion photography it is important to make the clothes look their best.
Alex Leichter, Matthew Jackson, Henry Hoffstot, Luke Juckett and Josh Hooper. When you have a group of people, with one person standing separately the latter person becomes the subject of the photo. I felt that the composition worked really well here. I only adjusted a bit the contrast using the curves, and then took away a bit of the roof that was being a bit distracting.
George Williams, Yemi Ogunyemi, Frank Sanders, Angus Strachan, Josh Wade and Michael Mortimore. I am tempted to photoshop some big gold chains and other bling into this picture.
I wanted a group shot of everyone, so after we had finished the main shoot I asked Lottie and Victoria to stand in between the two teams. Then I told the guys to try and lure the girls over to their team’s side of the stairs. I figured these guys would be pretty competitive and it was fun to watch how they embraced their task. The girl seemed to love the attention.

It was quite fun to do something different like a fashion shoot. It was a challenge to handle so many people at the same time, but Lottie and Victoria helped out with arranging the guys. My favourite shot was probably the one of the rowers where they are standing on the balcony. Everything came together nicely in that shot.

– Johannes


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