Three College Lunch

I am one of those people that need a hot meal for lunch, and ideally a bit of sunlight to an fro. One of my goals is to eat at all the colleges in Cambridge, either lunch or dinner. I am slowly making my way through the colleges, and after three years in Cambridge I have Christ, Clare, Emmanuel, Magdalene and Sidney Sussex left on my to do list.

A while back I compiled a list of which colleges you as a University Member could go to and pay cash. If you want to try a new place for lunch then perhaps this list could be of interest. Let me know if I have missed a college that lets you pay cash.

  • Pembroke College (cash or pre-charged card)
  • Downing College (cash)
  • Selwyn College (cash)
  • Fitzwilliam College (cash)
  • Churchill College (cash)
  • Robinson College (cash)
  • Girton College / Wolfson Court (cash)
  • Queens’ College (cash)
  • Murray Edwards College (cash)
  • St Edmund’s College (lunch coupon from porter’s lodge)
  • Lucy Cavendish (weekend brunch?)
  • Homerton College (cash)
  • Newnham College (cash)
  • Clare College (cash? – unconfirmed)

Yesterday we did something a bit different: a Three College Lunch. It all started as a joke over lunch a couple of months back but somehow the idea stuck. With me were Ellese Cotterill and Stephen Kissler.

12:27 – It was a pretty grey day, but we were on a mission and would not let a bit of water stop us. If you had asked me I probably would have said that yes it was cold, but I would have wanted bigger puddles to play with.

For something like this to work you need to make sure you do not get stuck in any unnecessary queues. I guess it helps that term just ended. We began our lunch with a starter at Queens’ College, which opens their lunch serving at 12:30. Then from there to King’s College for the main course. We rounded off with a nice dessert at Trinity College that closes their lunch at 14:00.

12:33 – Starter and a bit of bread was really cheap. The soup was delicious, I could make a habit of this. Here just a quick snapshot, since I did not want to hold up the line. Plus I was hungry!
12:36 – We were early. This might look empty, but there was a set of tables behind me that was full of people. The New Hall might not be as fancy as their Old Hall, but it looked pretty nice. I liked the touch with the logo on the trays.
12:56 – Fast forward to King’s College. Ellese snap chatting her food to her friends.
12:56 – It is not every day that I end up in a photo, and this time I was in two! This photo was taken by Ellese and the cover photo at the top was taken by Stephen.
13:21 – On to Trinity College for dessert.
13:25 – Crème brûlée, a great way to end our grand lunch.
13:42 – Just had to snap one more photo on the way out. I liked how they were silhouetted in the doorway.

Queens’ College, King’s College and Trinity College were a pretty great combination. It felt like we had a sort of Royal Theme to this lunch. To be honest, we could probably have done a fourth college as some of them start serving lunch at 12, which makes me wonder, how many colleges can you eat at in one day?

– Johannes


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