Cold Feet

When you are in England only for a short period of time you cannot be too picky with the weather. So despite the lack of sun Helena Blair, Zoé Barnes and I headed out to Hunstanton Beach early on a Sunday morning. The cloudy skies do give a certain aesthetics to the photos.

Zoé Barnes walking barefoot on the cold sand.
Zoé writing in the sand.
Helena Blair and Zoé Barnes walking hand in hand. The water puddles might have made it colder, but they also provided nice reflections.
Helena Blair. For all these photos I have added a magenta tone to the highlights and an orange-brown tone to the shadows to give the photos a muted colour pallet.
Cold feet.
Helena actually lost one of her shoes to a random dog on the beach. The little fellow thought it was a toy and ran off with it, but after a bit of persuasion he eventually gave it back to her.
Helena looking out over the beach.
Zoé with shoes.

It was cold, but also a lot of fun. For more photos with Zoé and Helena, click their respective names.

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