Pole Dance SM 2017

Swedish Championships in Pole Dancing just took place today at Fryshuset in Stockholm in front of a live audience, and streamed online. Vida Pole was represented by Anna Valfsson, Therese Larsson and Alexandra Mellin. I contacted Marie Revedal who organised the competition and was invited there with my camera. Here are my favourite photos from the day. Some are from the competition parts others are from the warmup before, where I could move around more freely in front of the stage.

Jenny Hallqvist doing a butterfly
Therese Larsson performing an “inside leg hang cocoon”.
Maria Larsson doing a russian layback
Linnea Karlsson in a superman
Nina Elnertz in an extended butterfly
Sofia Navas also in an extended butterfly
Sofia Navas in a diva seat
Moa Lindgren in a jade
Moa Lindgren in an allegra
Therese Larsson doing the iron x.
Cecilia Liu also doing iron x
Therese Larsson
Ksenia Bokova doing an “inside leg hang cocoon”
Emma Karlsson in a butterfly
Body spiral without hands
Jenny Spångberg in a russian layback
Jenny Spångberg in a handspring
Between each performance the poles were cleaned twice. First with a wet cloth, then with a dry cloth.
Lindsey Deryckere
Evelina Kaarme doing an underarm hold
Sara Hedman in an underarm hold split
Catarina Odén
Double – back support plank thigh hold
Hedda Olivia Britse and Therese Johansson
Sofia Navas and Asia Durkalec
Anna Valfsson
Anna Valfsson and Vecislavs Ruza, an iron x with a friend.
Anna Valfsson and Vecislavs Ruza doing a double shoulder mount
Anna Valfsson and Vecislavs Ruza
Anna Valfsson and Vecislavs Ruza


Results Amateur Novice
1. Felicia Edvardsson 17.90

Results Amateur Senior Ladies
1 Emma Karlsson 31.50
2 Jannica Hägglund 26.30
3 Kseniia Bokova 23.90
4 Anne-Jet Polder 22.20
5 Lindsey Deryckere 21.60
6 Jenny Spångberg 21.20
7 Catrin Davidson 20.40
8 Anastasiia Koncha 19.60
9 Hannah Jacobson 18.80
10 Jenny Werme 15.40
11 Liza Karlberg 4.90

Results Amateur Ladies Master 40+
1. Evelina Kaarme 29.30
2. Liselott Takala 23.20

Results Professional Senior Ladies
1 Moa Lindgren 42.80
2 Therese Larsson 38.10
3 Cecilia Liu 37.70
4 Emma Andersson 32.30
5 Emma Ring 32.10
6 Linnea Karlsson 31.40
7 Polina Zakharkina 30.80
8 Sofia Navas 30.20
9 Emelie Klockare 29.50
10 Jenny Hallqvist 12.50

Results Elite Men
1 Vecislavs Ruza 40.8

Results Elite Senior Ladies
1 Sara Hedman 42.8
2 Anna Valfsson 31.0

Results Elite Masters 40+
1 Catarina Odén 31.3

Results Double Professional
1 Therese Karmstrand/Therese Berge 41.9
2 Marie Graff/Michaela Bonnerup 40.9
3 Joanna Durkalec/Sofia Navas 40.5
4 Hedda Britse/Therese Johansson 33.2

Results Double Elite
1. Anna Valfsson/Vecislavs Ruza 47.2
2. Anki Happonen/Cecilia Carlqvist 41.2

For more information, visit the Pole SM webpage.

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  1. Linnea Karlsson
    March 5, 2017

    I think you’ve got some of the names wrong. My picture is the head picture and my name isn’t Emelie Klockare. But besides that, amazing photos! ?

    • March 5, 2017

      Hej Linnea, sorry about the mistake. It should be fixed now. Thanks for pointing it out! 🙂

  2. Nina Elnertz
    March 5, 2017

    Hej! På bild nummer 5 står det att atletens namn är Emelie Klockare. Men det är jag på bilden och mitt namn är Nina Elnertz. Hoppas det går att ändra =) Tack på förhand!

    • March 5, 2017

      Javisst, nu ska det vara fixat. 🙂

  3. March 9, 2017

    i love the black and white solution. great moments captured;)

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