Confocal Focus

This past Thursday evening I did a photoshoot with Andrea Westman. She is doing research on breast cancer, and as part of her work she takes confocal and other images of breast cells. We decided to project the images, and incorporate them in our photoshoot.

Andrea Westman

The blue-hued images are regular brightfield images of primary breast cells in culture, the colourful picture is taken with a confocal microscope and shows secondary antibodies conjugated to different fluorophores. The brightfield images show morphology and confluency of the cell culture and the confocal images show expression of different markers.

Andrea Westman. Here we mixed evening sunlight with the projected image.
Andrea Westman
Andrea Westman
Andrea Westman
Andrea Westman

Many thanks to Andrea for a fun photoshoot!

Instagram: Andrea, Johannes

— Johannes

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