Exploring Lidingö

This past Monday I met up with Philip Hansen and Linnea Malmström for a photoshoot on Lidingö. We took bus 205 from Ropsten to the end station, and then headed to the closest coast. Our plan was to walk along the coast and photograph, but as often happens we ended up staying at the first location we stopped at.

Linnea Malmström. We found this little jetty, and the afternoon sun was just coming around the corner lighting the tip of it.
Linnea Malmström
Philip Hansen. There was a railing and some metal poles in the jetty, but rather than fighting them I decided to incorporate them into the composition. Also note the little triangle of light on the concrete.
Philip Hansen
Philip Hansen. No summer photoshoot is complete without some water. Philip works at Dansgymnasiet in Stockholm, and is colleagues with one of my old childhood friends Nina. Her comment when she saw the photos was “Och din vana trogen skulle du släpa ut honom i vattnet!” — Yes Nina, of course. 🙂

We finished the photoshoot with some pair photos back on the jetty.

Philip and Linnea
Philip and Linnea
Philip and Linnea

Many thanks to Philip and Linnea for a fun photoshoot!

Instagram: Philip, Linnea, Johannes

— Johannes

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